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If you cannot learn from your current limitations then all you do is create a lack of creative flow. The creativity that is naturally within you in abundance is there to be used and fulfilled in every way possible, and it will find outlet even if you attempt to block its path. You would do best to allow it to grow in the way that would do you the most benefit rather than grow in a way that harms your progress and your ability to learn. You have an imagination that is as good as limitless in its potential, utilise it rather than treating it with disdain, and as fanciful versus what you think you know is real. Without your ability to imagine and dream, you cannot progress and grow within the human timeframe. Your aspirations are dreams that have not become physically manifest, yet you know and hope that they are possible, whether you understand how or not. You are so much more than just your physical bones; your imagination, your ability to reason and think are not restricted by your physical presence.

If you have entered this space, right here and now, then I invite you to push all preconceived notions aside briefly and consider the words you read here, with an open mind, and likewise with an open heart. If you feel any recoil, or any blockage in reaction to any word, or phrase, or concept, then that is where your limitation lies, and is an area I ask you to address in your own time. Happiness lies in the ability to be free in your thinking and thus free in your emotional expression. You find yourself here because you love and respect yourself enough to want to grow in all aspects of who you are. For that you have my eternal admiration.



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Four, Five, Styx…


15 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – One, two, Tree…

    1. Damn… I’m going to have to unpack this one for you… any part of your current thinking is a limitation in that there is always another view to be had, and always one that will be more beneficial. There is no ceiling limit unless you believe that you know all there is to know, which I really doubt if I know you at all. A willingness to challenge your current thinking and truly maintaining an open mind, is a learning process. If you don’t think you have any limitations, then think of all the opposing opinions you come up against daily. They are all different perspectives that can add to your own and help you reach a better conclusion. It’s a very natural process, made even more powerful by actively seeking to better yourself because of it, being aware of what it is that is changing for you.

      1. Ah, so you’re saying “Steady on, don’t assume you know everything, because you don’t”… which then encourages new (perhaps contradictory) information to flow. Makes sense.

      2. I think the contradictory information serves to help you adjust your own thinking, especially if it’s a recurrent contradiction. To me that usually indicates I’m missing something, some piece of information that might give me an insight I didn’t have before.
        Think about all the things you dislike about yourself (I’m sure there’s not much with you ;p), or about other people for example, and imagine how much better your quality of life would be if you could get past your resignations, especially the persistent ones. The truth is, as I see it, such things are resolved continuously usually heralded by a change in circumstances, either your opinion of yourself changes or a person stops being part of your experience, thus easing matters. Most of the time you don’t even notice, what I’m advocating is paying attention to those shifts and changes and asking yourself what changed, and if and how your view is any different.
        A good litmus test is to look back at a year ago and compare it to who and what you know now, invariably it will more than likely be an improved view. Or try further back if a year is a bit too close.

      3. It is always a good idea to stop from time to time and see (really see) where you are. Strange that many (perhaps most) people don’t do this. But then again, most people never truly travel far from their hometown.

      4. Also not everyone is comfortable with looking at themselves in that way. Like me, in terms of examining every aspect of who I am, I have no issue there and I will be the first to admit to my failings, of which I have many. But then seeing myself on film was a bit much, even for me, it’s not a perspective of myself that I’m used to or particularly like. Which adversely says to me that I should probably do more of it. But yeah you’re right, some people are very insular, physically and psychologically.

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