My Core Belief – In a Nutshell

My good friend Noel a.k.a. Makagutu asked me during an interesting debate yesterday over on his blog if I would elaborate on what I meant when I said that we were responsible for our own realities. In fact you will often hear me say fairly frequently in my posts that I believe we create our own realities. The following was my response, and I’m posting it here for posterity. As readers whether new or familiar, you can either take it or leave it, and I mean that with every possible kindness. This is my view. As I quite clearly state in my ‘About’ page, all I ask is that you entertain an open mind while you’re here. Obviously the subject is much more complex, but this is as concise as I was able to make it given the circumstances.

Consciousness exists irrespective of physicality. Thus in human terms where linear time is the modus operandi, consciousness would precede thought, and thought would precede physical manifestation, i.e., the human body and the physical environment. Although to all intents and purposes they are a simultaneous gestalt, as time is a construct of human perception and does not exist outside of it — very difficult to prove. As Einstein said, “The illusion of time is a convenient excuse”. So, taking this into consideration, it naturally changes the parameters of the significance of birth and death, because the physical body then becomes a manifestation of conscious intent. Probable outcomes are neither good nor bad in this context, they are just outcomes of which there are an infinite number. Experience then, is measured in terms of subjective experience, if this were not the case then we would all either be in agreement or disagreement, but consensus would exist nonetheless. Free will exists as the impetus, the consciousness that creates, or drives the human experience, that follows complex patterns based on intent created at a number of different levels of consciousness in relation to both the human individual and en mass.
The human experience then, is a facet of consciousness that is exploring its own potential in that form, so all variants of that experience are possible and probable. As there are patterns of weather so there are patterns of human consciousness that respond to certain conditions with the aim of experiencing itself as fully as possible. Both birth and death then, become shifts in conscious focus at the human level to put it simply. The tragedy that we may feel at the level of human conscious awareness at someone’s passing is as a result of being so immersed in this state that anything that may lay beyond it seems fallacious and fantastical. It is difficult to comprehend what we do not perceive at this highly focussed level of awareness, through the physical senses. Like looking down the lens of a microscope, you only see what is on the slide, not the world around the instrument, even though you may have an awareness of its existence, so death in its apparent absence of consciousness would appear to be an unknown quantity. However, how we choose to perceive and understand death is down to how think about it.
Our beliefs then at this level of awareness and conscious focus are like filters, and shape the way we perceive our world accordingly. Those beliefs are a product of our thought patterns, and the patterns of consciousness within which we operate. Nothing is rigid, nothing is fixed, so we have choice at all times, because time is merely a perceptive tool that provides reference and a sense of continuity and cohesion. We cannot help but think in linear terms within the physical frame of reference.
The responsibility we have in controlling our decisions and choices lies in the recognition that we have free will because anything is possible within the scope of consciousness. Nothing therefore happens by accident, nothing is random, everything is perfectly synchronised. However, the scope of play from our human point of view would appear to be endless in that regard, and thus unpredictable. But as everything is a manifestation of the conscious intent that flows through us, then no-one can be a victim of the reality that they create, even if at the human conscious level awareness of such may either be zero, or at best limited. We each have at every opportunity the ability to access that information, to access other levels and states of conscious awareness, because it is part of who we are. It is who we are, in every sense.
Basic intent then can be seen as fundamentally good in that consciousness is a creative endeavour, and being that generally speaking creativity is perceived as a positive force. It seeks to recreate itself in as many possible ways at this linear level, or that’s how it would appear to us at the human level.

In this I am in no way implying that experience is not valuable, indeed it is, and violence is not ok, it is however a product of the belief structure that most of us at least, subscribe to as I understand it. The integrity of an individual human consciousness simply cannot be undermined in any way because it cannot be eradicated. It exists irrespective of the physical body.

So when I say we create our own realities, this is what I am alluding to. This is what I have come to believe throughout the course of my life, and it makes crystal clear sense to me, so much so that I can sit here and rewrite this as many times as necessary.
There you are my friends, in a concise nutshell :)


36 thoughts on “My Core Belief – In a Nutshell

      1. You are welcome to say what you like if it’s on your mind and you feel it needs saying. I’m a difficult person to surprise, shock, or upset. Though it’s very easy to make me laugh! 🙂

      2. Same here hon and I believe the same as you realities and manifestations are concerned. Was watching videos this morning too about us being only energy and how our thoughts and emotions can create what we want in life. Very interesting and thought provoking and as far as I am concerned it’s a day to day or should I say, moment to moment thing…not something that happens overnight. Our vibrations are the key to everything. 😀

      3. Sounds like very interesting viewing. I too see things in terms of vibrations of energy, that is certainly what I’m picking up when I connect with someone, and invariably what allows me to tune into them. But it applies to everything really, the physical illusion is just an expression, or an extension of that energetic vibration if you want to talk in linear terms. It is a moment to moment thing, very much so. But in no way do I think it’s fixed, and things can be changed, and are constantly… we just don’t see the join most of the time 🙂

      4. Same here Ish and you are very right. It’s not fixed at all. Our vibrations and that of others change every second. I am empathic so I am very tuned in to vibes of others and so much that I prefer to avoid most people most of the time as I do not like their vibes. People have changed so much over the years and some of them have really bad vibes.

      5. Hahahaha! I’m so pleased I’m not alone in this. I don’t really mix with other people much if I can help it because I’m so wired and switched on all the time. I think I mentioned before that I used to work at the airport, but it was almost too much at times, like an empathic overload of energy, and not always good.
        However, I find that the vibes are equally strong, if not more so in some ways through virtual channels such as this.
        Being empathic is a double edged sword, and not always that desirable.
        I suppose for me, people are people, and I try to avoid the ones that kick out particularly bad vibes, not always easy. However, as you say it can change from moment to moment. Like when I’m having a conversation with someone, I can feel all the little shifts and changes that occur with them, and I guess I cheat in a way because I will tailor my responses accordingly, it’s the self-preservationist in me.

  1. Good stuff Ishaiya…I agree, which makes me think ‘fate’ is not a possibility, because we have a new choice each fraction of a second. The possibilities are infinite. I also agree with your empathic friend up there, I too feel bad vibes, and sometimes I feel like they bounce off of me..I know that sounds weird, but its like sticking out your stomach and repelling the darkness, like holding a beach ball between two people and bouncing off it. lol that’s how it feels. lol but you can also draw in the good vibes, and when they meet, its almost like fireworks. this happened this weekend, I’ll try to make it short, but you know my mouth…hehe while working with 3 young people (19-21 yrs or so) an older autistic man came up to me, after talking to a few other employees, clearly they had never had this type of encounter, he wandered over to me. I immediately engaged with him like he was a fully functioning adult, which he was! the 3 young people stood/sat in silence for almost 10 minutes, (which was amazing in itself, lol) while I interacted with this man. He had a great idea, believed he was an artist with goals of it becoming his career, and by treating him like this, we had our discussion, and he left happy and fulfilled. The kids exploded into a discussion with amazement. they had seen other employees brushing him off, laughing a bit as he walked away, and the 3 with me learned a valuable lesson. His reality was just like ours, even though they viewed him as a child prior to this, they soon realized he was a grown intelligent man, with a handicap. I heard one say, “I thought they lived in their own little world”, which I pointed out they did, just as he did, as they all did. What was so funny to me, was that they were impressed that I knew how to talk to him, or ‘handle’ him, as they called it. I looked at them like they were crazy and said, “I talked to him as I would talk to you, except he’s older than you guys, and understands more!” lolol funny I forget that young people haven’t learned much, and how it takes years to fathom someone’s reality, or time…or the non existence of time… 😉

    1. That’s a great story Shards, thank you for sharing it with me. It’s true that underestimating people is just unfair, for both parties because you miss an opportunity to learn something new and grow. Everyone deserves the same respect, whether they get it or not lol, but that’s down to what view people hold of themselves. If you don’t love yourself, then you’re gonna have a really hard time loving anyone else.
      You have a huge heart Shards, and sometimes it takes such a heart to give people a nudge in the right direction even if they disagree with your ethics. But oh well, can’t please everyone (I’m referring to a particularly tough cookie I’m dealing with right now on another blog).

      Personally I don’t believe in fate exactly, but rather in patterns of energy that people are more likely to follow, which I believe is how we meet like minded souls. But there is free will and choice, and the opportunity to grow and improve and be happy constantly at out fingertips no matter how hard it gets.
      Thanks again for sharing your wisdom… 🙂

      1. exactly, there are just too many factors going into it, for fate to be possible. I do believe we are drawn to each other, for a purpose tho, each person we meet is there for a reason. and it wasn’t wisdom so much, as it was: when I realized the kids had stopped texting and laughing with each other, I knew they were listening…so after he was gone, I also pointed out that we are all different but great in our own way, and you must always look at the inside of a person, not the outside. I also made them aware that my interaction with him, would stay with him for weeks, boosting his confidence and making him feel valued. and it only took 10 minutes! they are great kids, and it launched them into an hours discussion…which made me smile hugely! have a wonderful day Ishaiya!

      2. Very well put Shards, and well done to you for doing such a fantastic job with those kids, and the man you spoke about.
        Acts of kindness are more valuable than gold dust.

      3. thanks, and you too, hope your problem child learns from your wisdom and knowledge, especially your last comment! 🙂

  2. I can’t relate to (or perhaps even understand) any of that, but find it really interesting that other people share your view so precisely. It makes me realise how wildly differently we all experience life.

    1. Equally I find it just as difficult to relate to those who do not see things the way I do. I guess it’s like an intellectual mexican stand off! I say this with humour of course. But yes, life is diverse indeed, and a good thing too. Thank you for stopping by Violet.

    1. You are very welcome Diane, but I thought you were already following me 🙂 lol
      Although of course I re-welcome your presence on my blog too and hope you enjoy my work.
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. There’s an old saying to the effect that “When you’re up to your neck in crocodiles you tend to forget that you originally set out to drain the swamp”.

    I appreciate very much what you say about “We create our own realities” but the realist in me (if not the outright cynic) ponders how Anne Frank might have felt about it in Dachau (or Auschwitz, wherever she ended up).
    Or the folks bobbing about in icy waters watching their Titanic going down; maybe bods gasping for the ever dwindling air in a crippled submarine lying on the seabed hundreds of feet down, knowing that they are going nowhere.

    It’s obvious given modern ideas that nothing exists. As pointed out above, all is molecules made up of atoms made up of tiny orbiting bits of energy etc etc; but that hardly helps put food on the table (yes, I was attracted to Zen ideas for a while*).
    Free Will although we all use it is an illusion anyway, and of course there is no death; every moment lasts for ever etc etc. You am I and I are you and all is one (stop me if I begin to gibber) …

    So: some philosophies sound good—to those with the prosperity to indulge. Others are too busy scratching a crust to take time to “stop and smell the roses” so democracy is a crock anyway; can a ‘person’ who is nothing more than varying patterns of energy really spare the life to seek? Transients all, dead in the future already anyway so there’s (to a realist) no point.

    Tomorrow a very good friend goes into hospital for an urgent cancer operation—is her ‘etheric body’ at fault, did she have the wrong qualities, is God angry with her (hardly—she’s a devout and very genuine practising Catholic)—or did she perhaps on some deeper level decide it was time to create a different reality—what would Seth say on the topic?

    These are all areas of concern for me—and the only person who has ever rung my bell on the topics is your very good self. I like what you say, you are voicing my own conclusions.
    * Still am, some of them.

    1. Seth incidentally has a lot to say about such things, very interesting indeed, but that’s neither here nor there.

      Who is this rather idealistic but perhaps naive young thing to talk about existence, and life, death, molecules, devilled eggs and past/counterpart lives anyway? What valuable understanding could she possibly have about life to be proselytising to the general populace and to me about her crackpot notions of reality and the world at large? All good questions.
      My credentials are a life lived trying to find the answers to some very difficult questions. The things I share with you I don’t share lightly, lightheartedly quite often, but they come from years of wrestling with some exceedingly difficult situations. I have seen and experienced great pain, and suffering. I have lost people around me, to cancer, I have lost children to natural causes. I have been the victim of many injustices and violations, abuses, and for years at a time. And to boot I have a health condition that may very well curtail all my fun and merriment at a moment’s notice. I live each day as it comes, I have faced my own mortality and accept it for what it is. So, I do not speak from a position of naivety, of not knowing what it is I’m talking about, and knowing that what I am advocating is a level of responsibility that makes me accountable for all that has happened in my life, every last bit in one way or another. It can be a tough one to swallow. But I am no longer a victim, I can no longer blame someone else for the choices I make. I am subservient to no-one without my seal of approval. And it’s always been that way, it just took me a good awful amount of time to realise it. And in many ways I wish I had remembered this earlier so that I could have avoided much of the unpleasantness of my life. In many ways also, had I not undergone such experiences, then I probably would not have the current conviction that I do in my beliefs. However, that being said, I somewhen in my early 20s, I remember someone telling me that there were many ways to get back home, but that I didn’t have to make it so bloody complicated! I was gutted, because I realised that they were right, that of my own choosing I had walked the path that I found myself on, and that at any point I could have changed the status quo because I had a mind to do so. A wall upon which to bash your head is only solid and inflicts pain because you believe it is and it will. Yet it is no more real than the illusive Devilled Eggs and Lemons. Even if you cannot reconcile yourself with the notion that the wall is not solid if you choose it not to be, you still have the choice to go around it, over it, through it with some rather heavy machinery, whatever. You always have choices, and your choices are invariably your own.

      So I understand what you are talking about, and where you are coming from, most of the time… I believe what I believe in for good reason, and my heart goes out to your friend and to you at such a time of difficulty. I mean that with the greatest sincerity, and because I actually care.
      Self-doubt and lack of self-worth I would say are the cause of all the woes in the world. They are the root of all illness, I know, I speak from experience. And sometimes you have to climb a mountain in order to get a better view. We fear pain and death only because we refuse to understand it, because we fear how these things might change us. Change us they do, and change is about a natural a thing as you can shake a big stick at. It’s inevitable, so no point wrestling with it. Change is necessary for whatever reason is held dear to the person undergoing it. Change is always positive, and is always a solution.

      1. As always, accurate, precise and empathetic.
        All my life I’ve been confronted by and with ‘experts’; and spat ’em out.
        When told that you are wise I thought just another bloody pretender.
        But no. You are different. I don’t in all humility think you can teach me a great deal—you said as much yourself—but certainly you’ve already clarified a very great deal and bolstered me immensely when I needed it. You’ve given me much, and I’m very grateful for the time and effort.

        I’d better quit now before I start gushing …

      2. Gush away my friend. I won’t mind 😉

        My job is never to teach, just to remind both myself and anyone who gets caught up in my wake… hope the water hasn’t been too choppy for you…

      3. “Err… Mr Argus why is your dog foaming at the mouth? Isn’t that a sign of rabbis?”

        “Surely you meant to say Rabies Mr Keen”

        “Oh is that not what I said?”

        “Nope, you definitely said Rabbis”

        [meanwhile erstwhile pooch is having a great time, spluttering and snorting with the soapy bubbles going up his nose]…

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