Seth – A Theory of Understanding

This following excerpt speaks volumes to me in terms of how I myself have come to perceive the world and my reality over the years. It supports my post yesterday when I summarised my beliefs “in a nutshell”┬áin response to … Continue reading Seth – A Theory of Understanding

Seth Quote – Healthy Idealism

There is nothing more stimulating, more worthy of actualization, than the desire to change the world for the better. That is indeed each person’s mission. You begin by working in that area of activity that is your own unique one, with your own life and activities.You begin in the corner of an office, or on the assembly line, or in the advertising agency, or in the kitchen. You begin where you are. When you fulfill your own abilities, when you express your personal idealism through acting it out to the best of your ability in your daily life, then you … Continue reading Seth Quote – Healthy Idealism