A Re-introduction

The Dolomites/Italian Alps
The Dolomites/Italian Alps

This is to all of you wonderful people who venture into my blog even for a brief moment, this is less of a disclaimer than it is an expression of my intent:

To all of you who enter this space and engage with the content and with me personally, you do so of your own free will. If you find any of the contents disagreeable or challenging in any way, then you will have a lot to think about. But you always have a choice as to how you wish to react. The responsibility for your beliefs rests on your own heads, and it is not my responsibility to justify your own lack of understanding if you have one, by explaining my beliefs, although I shall if you are genuinely interested.

Just as I do not ask you to question the integrity of your beliefs, I indulge my beliefs for good reason because they work for me, and so I take responsibility for them. Some of the things I write about may ring true for some, others may think it pure fantasy, and others yet may be ambivalent, including of course all shades in between. All I ask is that you maintain an open mind during your visit, and at least be willing to entertain some of the often challenging concepts I present in my work, if only for your own entertainment and fun, and the excuse of a little jaunt into your own minds and realities. I seek to change no thing and no one, just merely present alternative forms of thinking and perhaps inspire a little spark of creativity, and if in the process that encourages change, then enjoy the journey. As my dear friend Seth says:

“I come here because it’s fun. I have fun when I come here. I do not come here because I feel that I have any great responsibility for your beings or welfare. Who am I to set myself against the innate wisdom of your own individual being, or to take upon my invisible shoulders the great privilege or joyful responsibility for your behaviour and destiny?”

(Conversations With Seth – Book Two, Susan M.Watkins, Moment Point Press, 2006)

*I shall be adding this as a disclaimer at the bottom of all my posts henceforth, that is when I’ve worked out how to do it! Any ideas will be much appreciated šŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “A Re-introduction

      1. It was surprisingly hot down in the valley, but regretted not bringing something warmer up at the top, the temperature change was quite shocking. Mind you we were at around 2350 metres above sea-level when I took that particular photo.
        I shall see what I can do and email you some pics.

    1. I thought it was time to set things straight, as before I went away I was having one too many unnecessary tussles with fellow bloggers. I managed to get my head around this one while I was in Venice, and realised there was nothing to defend on my part. I knew you would approve though ;D
      Hugs back

    1. That we are!

      Thank you for your lovely comment. Yes it was a beautiful place to be, it really took my breath away. A real moment of pure synchronicity.

      Thank you for stopping by…

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