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This chap is not half as gullible as he looks...
This chap is not half as gullible as he looks…

Rules are made, and are there to be broken, to be replaced with new rules. There will ever be an exception to every rule, if entertained and engaged with will be that pivotal point upon which change occurs and momentarily cures us of the deafness and the blindness that we have accepted and endured throughout the illusions of our lives up until that moment. That point from which new dreams are made manifest, new voices are heard, civilisations are given birth and strident leaps forward in understanding are achieved. Within that tiny margin of exception is the ideal seed that has the power to change everything with the intake of a breath, and the exhalation of intent.

I am an exception, you are an exception. We are all exceptional.

No outcome is either good or bad, it’s just an outcome. A disagreement with an accepted rule is merely a different outlook and one that is deeply personal and subjective to the individual. In that moment of disagreement, of exception, we each have the ability to re-write our own personal stories, to change our outlooks to one that espouses creativity and value, to make our own rules about how we would like to live our lives. In taking responsibility for who we are and for our personal validity, we give ourselves freedom in the most spectacular of ways, and nothing in life will ever be the same again. We each have so much power and vitality within us, the stuff of the universe, of existence that makes us tick, that gives us purpose to wake with every new day and to discover and unveil the best possible experience from moment to moment. We all have memories of being the wide-eyed child that loved to explore and experiment, and live for the moment before we became ‘educated’, and bound by conditions of our own choosing.

No one can tell you how to live your life, as no one can truly know what you experience within your personal reality, so trust in who you are, trust what you know deep within you. Listen to yourself and love who you are so that you are not fearful of yourself or the world you create. Your energy and your power is yours, and yours alone. Use it well and do good things with it. Do what you love, what makes you passionate and your world will respond accordingly. You create your own reality as literally as you think and breathe, and if you don’t believe me, or rather yourselves,  then trust in your own integrity, and perhaps pay a little more attention next time you put a thought out there. Watch how the ‘coincidences’ flutter through your window in time like butterflies passing through a landscape. Listen to the voice within you, the voice of your intuition that knows better, and allow yourself to revel in the beauty and the utter creativity of the moment.

And if you really must protest and deny all responsibility for yourselves and what you obviously create, then may the gods help you, whichever gods you may aspire to, for you only have yourselves to blame.

Much love and mischief



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8 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – Rules

    1. It’s funny because I chose the image of the seagull primarily so that I could use the caption about gullibility, then it occurred to me afterward given the subject matter that he could well be Jonathon Livingstone Seagull 🙂 I thought it was apt too…

      Thanks for taking the time to read, I really appreciate it..

      1. No Worries, I like your writing style, it is like you are stating the things I think about or have an innate understanding of but I do not find many to share these type of thoughts with. Getting embroiled in daily life too much these days and I forget to step out and look in at the bigger picture, reading that reminded me. Cheers

      2. Well you are always welcome to stop by any time for a chat. You are right however in saying that there aren’t many like-minded thinkers who understand these kinds of thoughts. Through the past year that I’ve been writing for this blog I have come across few who have totally understood my philosophy. A rare breed indeed, more’s the pity.
        Glad to meet you Monsterlogic. I shall go and check out your blog while I’m at it 🙂

      3. You will find I am not so openly spiritual as you present yourself but I think it does show through for those who take time to read. My blog is for me but I pander towards a audience that may read at their level if some of my open mindedness rubs off on them, then all well and good. I feel like I should start a new blog exploring the more worldly experience as indeed you have. Then I would have one purely for photography and another for Moto stuff and another….. But alas I find the mortal day does not present enough time to fulfill all of my minds wanderings, desires and dreams.

      4. Then keep the blog, or create the blog that shows you at your best. It’s hard to do, I get it. I myself maintain five blogs, each one a different facet of me. I began with one and realised that a blog seems to develop its own persona, you get a particular following that may not appreciate a sudden divergence in theme, I guess people are funny like that. So, like I’ve done I’ve set up numerous blogs that allow me to express certain sides of myself. For example the latest Snapshot Story I posted on this blog hasn’t gained many readers so far, just because it’s a little more risque than my usual fare here. Sometimes though, shaking things up keeps things interesting!

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