Misplaced Agendas

Diary of a Person Being Human

A man walks up to a street corner and sees a large monkey sat on top of a packing crate with an arrow pointing toward the ground, and large print along it when read upside down stating “THIS WAY UP”. The monkey is rather concentratedly examining its hand, picking away at something, though its facial expression gives nothing away. Confidently the man strides up to the large monkey, who up until this moment has been quite unaware of the approaching man. All of a sudden the The Man and the Monkey - Vintage stacking bricksmonkey stops what it’s doing and slightly taken aback as if ready to make an escape, it sits transfixed wary of the man’s next move. The man stops and says “Hi” waving his hand at the same time. The large monkey doesn’t move. Then the man begins to speak again…

“How am I doing today?” the man asks the monkey.

The monkey looks quizzically…

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