The Venice Diaries – Rain

Diary of a Person Being Human

Wednesday 14th August 2013Venice in the Rain, Sestiere Di Cannaregio

Venice was particularly beautiful today, with the rain cascading down her bridges, forming rivulets that trickled back into her canals making the relationship between land and water even more intimate than usual.

The dark green water danced in a staccato of glistening crowns as each rain drop made contact, being absorbed into the life-blood of the city, adding buoyancy to all that travelled her briny tendrils in usual familiar fashion, undeterred and as if in welcome of the cooler air.

The gondolas with their serrated knife-edge fins, and ornately carved black glistening bodies teased at their moorings as Lady Venice swelled with pride and pulsed in time with the ancient bells that sang her praises, and called to her many suitors celebrating her many treasures.

The deep lines of her now vibrant facades washed bright by the passing storm only accentuated the deep wisdom of a…

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