Intuitive Portraits – Weekly Challenge #6

Renaissance ModelHa! It’s Sunday morning and I feel full of vim and vigour [chuckle]. I’m feeling in good spirits because I’ve been drawing.

It’s been a while since I posted a portrait for my weekly challenge, in fact it’s been a while since I did any drawing, and as always I  wonder why it is I leave it so long at all when I love my art!

However, I’ve been re-inspired by fellow blog-friend and artist Sian Mann’s recent sketches. Also it would seem that something of the Renaissance artists whose work I visited and studied intently whilst in Venice has rubbed off on me a little perhaps, re the subject! Something’s gotta get through that thick exterior of mine, and I’m glad it did.

But back to my recent conversations with Sian, we were talking about how we both are very inspired by unfinished sketches, that somehow they kind of embody the essence of the artist, a spontaneity and a rawness of intent that perhaps is obscured in a finished, polished piece.

The Académia in Venice which houses probably the most famous and most impressive paintings of the Renaissance period [over and above the Uffizi in Florence in my opinion, mainly because the Renaissance style was born in Venice, with many of the most famous artists being Venetian. Although of course the style would be adopted by many others] is a very special place for me. There are a number of unfinished paintings on exhibition from the 1500’s, and for me it was a real treat to really be able to get a glimpse of the artist’s process in the creation of an oil on canvas, a very rare thing indeed considering the age.

Sketches for me are dynamic snap-shots in time and history, and sometimes carry more of an essence of their subject in their unfinished, suggestive state. So in true fashion, my sketch above that I began late last night is a work in progress, and even though the eyes are not yet clearly defined I feel that I’ve captured the young man’s strength and presence, and perhaps a little of his character. I shall be more than interested to know what you think so please share your comments and thoughts…

Enjoy your Sundays!



11 thoughts on “Intuitive Portraits – Weekly Challenge #6

      1. We are all human…well,not me, of course, and sometimes we all get ‘blogged out’.
        I am going to reblog a short video from a BBC radio program in a mo.from Marcus over at bittersweet in a minute. I recommend it.

  1. I love the idea of an unfinished sketch on purpose, they always make me imagine so much more than a full poitrait does…although I never knew it was something done as a style… this one you did is so handsome…I can’t tell you what I actually thought…hehehe …. and LOVE the new header shot! you look so nice you almost look photoshopped in! 🙂 that’s some gorgeous country…can’t wait to see it some day!

    1. I never know who I’m going to draw, so I guess I struck lucky this time! lol He’s a little too pretty, and most likely gay! 🙂

      You know I felt photoshopped into the landscape when I was up on top of those mountains. My god the scale of those things was immense, I was truly speechless at how awesome that place was. Definitely if you ever get the opportunity to visit the Italian Alps do so, it’s a beautiful place, so tranquil and so green.

    1. Thank you Bill! I’m never too sure who will be looking at me from the paper, so it’s always a nice surprise when one of my subjects comes through this clearly making my job a lot easier. I’m sure we’d have a lot to talk about 🙂

    1. I’m not sure you ever really forget. I’ve been drawing and painting since I was a really young child, my Dad was an artist. But then I got caught up with music and being a singer/songwriter for years, so in that time my art got neglected. Now it’s the other way around, my music has taken the back seat while the artist and and writer in me is enjoying the spot light. I’m actually a better artist now than I ever was, so maybe if you start up again you might surprise yourself 🙂

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