Quote for today – August 28 2013

Lake Calalzo Di Cadore, Veneto, ItalyIf spiritualism is the exploration of the human condition beyond the current knowledge of science, then it is not spiritualism, but merely a facet of nature that science has yet to acquaint itself with.


12 thoughts on “Quote for today – August 28 2013

    1. If you go into ‘widgets’ and under the widget for ‘Top Posts’ it gives you the option of how you would like to present them in the side bar under ‘Display As’, then click on ‘Image Grid’. Hope that helps…

      1. From what I can gather this is not like post 9/11.
        There is talk that if Obama goes for it without full senatorial support he will be impeached.
        How much that is a threat or real I have no idea, I don’t know too much about US politics.
        But the German public are dead against it, which puts their PM in a tricky situation, and I don’t think the UK public are too keen are they?
        What’s Cameron’s position?

      2. It was decided in the House of Lords yesterday that it will be a ‘No’, and Cameron is actually backing the people’s vote for once! I secretly quite stunned, but at the same time wondering what angle our government is playing. There is always something up their sleeve, I fail to believe that Cameron’s boasts about ‘Democracy in power’ are actually sympathetic with the British public. I think what it boils down to is that we simply cannot afford another war. Either way, we won’t be taking part.

  1. While I do feel for those involved I cannot think of a modern war that the US has been involved in that there has been a conclusive ‘victory’. By that, I mean a lasting positive outcome.
    And in the Middle East the cultural differences are huge, largely based on religion, even ”democracy” is no guarantee it seems.
    Mind you, are there any Middle Eastern countries that are truly democratic?
    Some Middle Eastern faction spokesman is on record as saying if the US goes, it will be worse than Vietnam and the end of Israel.
    Even as rhetoric that is dodgy.

    1. The problem is, is that its never really their war, and I think because of that once they withdraw their power/support the natives revert to type and get on with doing things in the way that they’ve always done things. Brandishing and shaming each other with their explosive slippers! And you’re right, there are so many divergent religions, never mind the politics of human rights that has been raging on since before Islam took it’s first slurp of non-alcoholic, but incredibly high in caffeine tea loaded with sugar. Chemical warfare is unfortunately the tip of the pyramid within the Middle East.
      As for Israel, they will go down, if at all with all guns blazing along with the Yanks. I think on the behalf of the Middle East spokesman the demise of Israel was possibly wishful thinking.

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