Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge – Texture

This week’s theme focusses on texture, which is a subject that lends itself incredibly well to the black and white shot as the composition is all about tone and contrast, and the wonderful patterns that they create. My subject for … Continue reading Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge – Texture

Snapshot Stories – You

I love that you love what I love. A tongue twister less twisted for the fate it seeks. Magic stirs within the fire-pit of my prescient imaginings, teasing them out into the fabric of tender reality, full of wonder and warmth in the hope that I find you there, hand outstretched and a smile as wide as the fluttering excitement I feel within me as I cast the energy of the universe out to you, and draw you close in my mind and heart. Embers glowing brightly, reminiscent of moments shared within the stirrings of memory yet unfolding. Know that … Continue reading Snapshot Stories – You