Dragonflies and Honey Bees


I listen quietly to the shallowness of thought

That sings in hushed tones within the embers of my mind.

A familiar but distant tune I once used to hear sung.

I’ve missed you for so long, I feel I can’t remember your face,

Just outlines and words that when spoken

Tug heavily upon my heart.

I would give a thousand moons, and a sea of stars

To be by your side, to smell the honey in your hair.

Where did you go oh love of mine?

How did I forget your name?


28 thoughts on “Dragonflies and Honey Bees

  1. A familiar but distant tune I once used to hear sung.

    This verse is especially touching, actually it keeps echoing in my mind again and again. Very beautiful poem.

  2. Beautiful poem …. it reminds me about something I read a while back .. that I only want to sleep in moonlight and kisses.
    I’m terrible with names .. and if I get a name wrong I can never get it right, doesn’t matter what I do.

    1. Thank you Viveka for your lovely comments. I had a little emotional moment last night and this poem is what appeared.
      I’m better with faces, never forget a face, but I’m afraid to say that it takes a little while for names to sink into the ol’grey matter. I would like to say it’s age, but I’ve always been like that 😉
      I hope the day finds you well…

      1. My day is nearly over … 9pm where I’m and I will leave my PC for today .. and I wish you a great day and a nice evening where you’re.
        I loved the image that you used for your post – beautiful .. thought it was the famous Gustaf Klimt first.
        See yo tomorrow and don’t forget to be good to yourself too. *smile

      2. I’m just an hour behind you. Still at my PC as ever blogging! The painting is by Alphonse Mucha, and is probably one of my most favourite of his.
        Until tomorrow, have a peaceful night [smile]

      3. Yes, I have another blogging sister that lives outside Brighton too … Suzanne, travelbunny.
        Hopefully I will visit again, because I loved Brighton. Lived in Kemptown, but I worked so much I was never home.

      4. Sorry to have kept you up. It’ll probably be morning by the time you get this, so good morning Viveka! [smile]
        Thanks for the link, very beautiful town you live in!

      5. Good Morning, had a great night sleep and … my morning have some hope. After 3 days of rain there is light in my morning, but with overcast.
        Yes, I love in a beautiful small town. Thank you.

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