Final thoughts for the day – September 2 2013

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“You cannot separate yourselves from others or from your world… [B]y being yourself completely, you are automatically doing what you yourself want to do: fulfilling the purpose that is your own, and joining with others of like purpose. And you become therefore a force of nature, and in trusting that force that is yourself, you flow naturally into those areas of your own interest and the interests of others.”


“It is not the time to set up new rules or regulations or even loving dogmas. In your terms you have been through that before. Each of you, in your own way, will creatively do your thing [with what you are presented in your lives], and that is good.”

I love that in these two quotes Seth is advocating that we are all part of the collective of humanity, that our humanity is what unites us, so there is no need to set up cults or religions or factions, or any group pertaining to certain beliefs in order for us to be who we truly are, and for us to live our lives to the fullest and most creative potential, whatever that may mean for every individual. Isn’t that the idea of human rights?

However human rights, and the right to be ourselves as we are begins with us as individuals and ends with us as individuals. It is magnificently simple and the motivation of which is powered by thought alone. A decision to do something different, however small an action that is can make huge changes in a more positive direction. A thought alone can change lives, because what follows thought is action. Whether it is obvious or not.

It’s not some great magic trick, it’s what happens all the time in life everywhere you look. Things do not change by themselves, it is usually one idea had by one person that leads the charge. One person that has the ability to think, as do we all. We either change things or we perpetuate things by what we choose to believe, in simplistic terms. By taking charge of your own choices, by being the person to make change, then you take responsibility for yourselves. You change history as you think, write, speak, do; none of us can help it.

And if you’re reading these words, then like me you need to be reminded of that.

Goodnight all!



7 thoughts on “Final thoughts for the day – September 2 2013

  1. Your are so right in what you are saying here – changes don’t happen by themselves – but we have a fantastic to do changes if we come together. Changes are very heavy stuff most of the times and not many of us like changes, not even the small. Changes at the workplace is one of the hardest, but so long as a company change directions .. it’s alive – and the same is with our lives
    I have always loved changes in my life and in my work, but the older I get the more comfortable I get with the way things are and after my cancer treatment, I don’t like new changes in my body. Really enjoyed this post … love the way you think.

    1. I think often the word ‘change’ gets a bad press. It’s based on a comfortable notion that things are fixed, but they’re not, never have been, never will be. From one moment to the next we are brand new, and our experiences are brand new, so to say that we are afraid of change is nonsensical really. I also think that what happens for many, and of course I speak from my own tried and tested experience is that we get caught up in a pattern of thought that makes things seem as though they are a certain way, but I’m sure you know that very dramatic changes can occur without notice, even if that’s just a decision to jump on a plane and go somewhere different. Change is natural, and nothing ever stays the same. Not even our perception of what we think is static and familiar.
      Comfort and discomfort are states of mind, and based on our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. The same applies to health. I know that every day could be my last because of my health, but I also know that I want to live as best as possible today, take risks, accept the changes that are always occurring rather than fighting them as I have always done. An important realisation I keep having is that nothing is ever out of our control, not even our health. Change can be most positive too.

      1. I think changes are very positive, more positive than negative in my book. I haven’t had that many negative changes in my life – more than what life brings every day .. illness and lost of love ones and of course that is changes too, but I don’t look at them like that .. they are part of my life – but of course I have to do changes to them accordingly.
        Taking risks I have done, but not madly risky – not a too brave person. I want risks that are a bit organized. If that make sens.

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