Whispers from Venice – Micro Bracelets (Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus)

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Maria Jones-Phillips Art

Venice inspired Micro-braceletI have been inspired by the wonders of Venice during my recent travels there, and since my return I have been busily creating new pieces of jewellery that reflect the typical traditional colours and styles of one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in Europe.

I call these bracelets my ‘Micro Bracelets’, designed to be very delicate and suggestive. Very simple designs with a hint of opulence using only the finest materials and beads. Perfect for those who like their jewellery to be understated, but Il Duomo, Florence, Italysophisticated like a single line statement that speaks volumes.

The above design was inspired by the colours of the dark green and white marble that typifies the grand buildings of Florence, also colours that appear in the traditional masks and costumes of the Venetian masked-balls. The tiny ivory-coloured pomegranate with its golden crown and red flower is another symbol of Venice and the fine…

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