50 thoughts on “Back soon

    1. Thank you for taking the time to stop by lovely lady, I’m quite touched by your visit.
      Any insights you might have as to why I’ve chosen to be so ill again would be most inspirational. I’m finding it difficult to think much beyond how horrible I feel right now. Much warmth and blessings to you…

      1. I really feel for you, my dear, you’re such a sweet person and I hate to think that you’re feeling so horrible. I’m going to do a reading for you tomorrow morning (with your permission of course) and I will find a way to get in touch with you privately with whatever I learn.

      2. I would live that, but I know you are a very busy lady so please don’t feel obliged. I have a lot of admiration for your abilities, a like minded soul. So I know that anything you can tell me will be of great benefit.
        I can be contacted through
        You can also find a direct link on my gravatar profile. Blessings to you…

    1. I’m missing you too my bright and wonderful friend! Thank you so much for taking the time to pop in and say hi, it means an awful lot to me. How can I fail to get better with all this positive energy? Blessings to you Whitecrow xx

      1. Yes, sure. BTW, John has just asked if there’s a bugger up with WP because he is not getting notifications of my comments or posts. Are you having any problems with my posts etc?

      2. Ah…the ‘break’ was because we had no electricity for four days. This must be something else because John has only just mentioned it.
        So if you are picking up notifications then it must be him or WP.

      3. I haven’t checked my reader since last week, just got basic messaging. Not been receiving e-mail notifications though come to mention it. I found WP wasn’t notifying me of quite a few things, so it could be well be them.

      4. It’s always such a great excuse [even though I don’t have a dog]. My partner’s got a T-shirt with an x-ray image of a dog which reveals the homework it’s just eaten, he wears it when he’s teaching his college students… he likes to be subtle πŸ˜‰

        Position available for surrogate dog: please apply within…

    1. Thinking and feeling too much? Never! πŸ˜€ That’s never going to be helped illness or not… but thank you for the good wishes. I see illness as an exercise in recharging good humour, it takes a lot of energy to be this cheerful all the time you know!

  1. I hate to think of anyone not feeling well, but why do the nastiest things happen to the nicest people?

    Get well soonest, Kiddo(that’s not a request, that’s an order~!!) (or a heartfelt request if you’re tempted to disobedienceβ€”we Leos are like that …)

    1. Yes Sir, Dog Sir..er.. Argie Sir!
      Are you implying that we Leos are intentionally disobedient? Of course you’d be right, but one thing we Leos are is intensely loyal, until someone upsets us that is and crosses that invisible line that seems to waft around like a pesky fly… fickle but lovely are we.

      As it is I’m on the mend, it could have been much worse, at least it wasn’t the old ticker this time, just a bog-standard virus. I do however appreciate your visit and kind words quite a lot πŸ™‚

      1. Strange, that Leos are meant to be susceptible to heart trouble and lower back … comes from being big hearted I guess. And infinitely modest … keep well.

        Virus β€” that’s a word the doctors use down here for anything they don’t understand. They use it a lot …

      2. Big heart gives cause for weak back… oddly I can relate to that… modesty is over-moderated and underrated, speaking one’s mind should always be the order of the day, and something I don’t remember you being too concerned about. Leos do like to be heard, do we not…?

        Yeah virus and infection are two terms that I’ve come across a lot with doctors, and are synonymous with “I haven’t got a bloody clue”, although they can at least agree that they are different conditions, however deciding between the two is an equally grey area…

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