Scratch n’sniff Icebergs

Diary of a Person Being Human

I’m re-posting this piece in light of an ensuing discussion about language that my previous post has sparked. I want to highlight that any notion of truth validated by linguistic exchange is vague at best and relies on mutual trust within a given social group, be they a body of scientists, or you and me in our front rooms or at our laptops here on WP. The notion of an ‘objective truth’ cannot exist outside of linguistic exchange because in and of itself it is a linguistic description that supports an intuitive understanding of what that notion may mean to a given individual. Why do we then place so much emphasis and importance on the printed or spoken word? Perhaps because we feel that it can be quantified in a way that non-verbal communication cannot? Our current culture, its politics, sciences, education systems are built on the strength and validity…

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2 thoughts on “Scratch n’sniff Icebergs

    1. Nope it isn’t, but I think many of us are very used to seeing that way due to outmoded academic opinion. However, that is beginning to change. Thanks for dropping by, it’s nice to see you 🙂

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