Weekly Photo Challenge – From lines to patterns

Generalife, Alhambra Palace

This weeks photo challenge deals with the lines and patterns, such as the kind that you might find in your environment. This marriage of line and pattern is most evident in architectural structures, so I’m presenting some of my faves here from previous trips to Granada, Spain…

Door, Alhambra Palace

…of course I love my doors, and my narrow alleys…
Albaicin, Granada, Spain

This one will definitely be turned into a painting!

If you wish to participate in this week’s challenge click here for details


24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – From lines to patterns

    1. Ah well then I sincerely hope you get the chance to visit some time, I have a feeling you will fall in love many of the places you can find there. Spain is so diverse depending on which region you are in.

    1. That’s really lovely of you to say. I have to say the last one is one of my all time favourite photos, and when I get the chance I will most certainly turn it into a painting. Another thing to add to my to-do-list!! πŸ™‚
      Thank you for stopping by Restlessjo..
      Enjoy your week!

    1. Hey T! Thank you for the compliment πŸ™‚ I hope all is well with you, sadly I’ve not been around very much lately on WP so I’m not catching up with everybody as much as I would like to. My studies are in full swing again, so time is limited 😦 I’m missing blogging and posting as and when I can, although I am enjoying my course.
      How is going with the screenplay? Did you manage to have a successful break and get some breathing space? Are you still dating… how is that going?

      1. Hi Ish,

        Ah yes. School!!!!! That is right!!!! My, get on when you can/have the energy LEFT. Lol. Glad you are enjoying the course. You know, life is ebb and flow. Sometimes certain things get more energy than others, and there are times when we must shift the energies.

        I won’t be on here at all, once certain stages of production swing into gear. Right now I am attaching people and negotiating legal stuff. The screenplay is done. Cleaned. Now I am reading through a prior one, I had paused on (needed to breathe – forced end on it). Still dating, but the person that is showing the most promise happens to be an old friend actually.

        It’s hard to date in America as a black woman, add in any level of smarts, goals, self esteem and spirituality you can up the difficulty factor by 25%. You know the lovely media laces us as fun time girl not made for anything serious, contrary to the reality.

        So dating is wasteful for me. I spend alot of time stopping people assumptions, which really isn’t much fun past the first date? It’s more exhausting. So I’m going to watch this other relationship that lost it’s wings prematurely. I like how it’s feeling as opposed to good time boys… *You know I’m older, I’m not looking for casual romps.* 0_o

    1. It’s funny the first photo was my least favourite, I personally like the last. But I have found this a lot throughout my artistic life that what appeals to you may not to others and vice-versa, whether it’s a song I’ve written, or a painting, a photograph, or anything else I’ve created. So I share it all despite my own hypercritical evaluations of my work.
      I’m glad it zang to you…

    1. I know right? I have an abundance of door photos dating back years. It’s kind of my thing whenever I travel, I take pictures of doors. I like the fantasy of a closed door, or perhaps the promise of a good yarn to be told πŸ™‚

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