‘Decision’ – For Noel

'Decision' - Original artwork by Maria Phillips Copyright 2013
‘Decision’ – Original artwork by Maria Phillips Copyright 2013

This is a piece of digital art I produced this evening, inspired by my friend Noel a.k.a Makagutu and his post this evening regarding the events in Kenya.


11 thoughts on “‘Decision’ – For Noel

      1. Ha yes, that’s what I thought you meant, but I thought I’d just double check.
        It was actually Sonel that gave me the idea of checking out photo effect apps. I came across one that is actually really good as a tool for creating art, though not so good with photos oddly enough. Anyway I spent a few hours last night playing with it, never really having used digital art apps before, and came up with this piece… once I started to get the hang of it!
        The app I used is called Pavo, and is for the Mac.

  1. ish, you are just amazing my friend. I can see you had lots of fun doing this and it really portrays all the emotions so well. Great job and thanks for sharing. I love it! 😀 *big hugs*

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