The Wanderer – For Argie

The Wanderer - For Argie

I’ve been playing with my new digital art app for the Mac called Pavo. I downloaded it with the intention of using it as an editing tool for enhancing photographs, but discovered that it works better as an artistic medium. Although unlike an oil painting there are no drying times in between digital layers which greatly speeds up the process of producing a piece of art, this also allows me to work at the speed of my intuition, which I like. It still takes as long as it takes, and I work from a blank canvas so to speak. My mouse has become my paintbrush. It’s a different medium than I’m used to working with, but it’s growing on me and I like the effects that can be achieved through painting with light. Certainly a different intensity of colour can be achieved, which for me is heavenly. I don’t think it will ever replace my love of oils, but it’s a fine medium for producing art.

As I used a friend as inspiration for my first piece of digital art posted the other day, I thought I would focus on another lovely friend of mine and see what kind of art I produced. So this piece entitled ‘The Wanderer’ is for my lovely friend Argus, who has become a very inspirational blog pal.


25 thoughts on “The Wanderer – For Argie

  1. That’s beautiful … thank you for that.

    And now a tale I may or not have told—many years ago I spent a year (naval training) in Australia. A couple of wives had a wee social gathering which we guests managed to turn into a full-blown party; but after the herds had gone the diehards settled down to enjoy good drinks and convivial company. One of the hostesses stirred conversation along, in the wee small hours she pointed at a modernist painting on the wall and asked me what did I see?

    I told her what I saw and she was singularly surprised; words to the effect “You’re the first to say that in all the years we’ve had that picture”.
    I saw a cultivated forest by night, and in the distance a growing blaze, still small. Apparently everyone else just saw colours and stuff; she produced a ticket from behind it (publicity sales blurb) that gave it’s title: ‘Forest Fire’ … and that’s also the night I fell in love with the voice of Tina Lawton, an Australian folkie who died young but could do traditional Brit folk songs better than I’ve heard anywhere else.

    Again, thank you for the lovely imagery.

    1. Thank you Sophia, what a wonderful thing to hear! As you can tell I’m having a lot of fun with this new app 🙂
      My partner gave me the idea that maybe I could illustrate and write a children’s e-book using this kind of digital art… another one to add to the list and put on the back-burner! Not enough hours in the day my friend, not enough hours at all! 😀
      big hugs back

      1. Now that is such a great idea and I know you will make a success of it Ish. That’s the thing with these kind of fun…not enough hours in the day like you said. 😆

    1. It’s exactly what it was meant to be. It was a quick sketch I did, but I like it as it is. I live only 15 minutes walk away from the sea, although I seldom get to enjoy the sun setting over the water.
      I’ve become a big fan of producing abstracts in recent years. I never understood them when I was younger, but now it’s a style of painting that speaks volumes to me being a synaesthete. I think you also have to be quite emotionally open to really understand a good abstract image, that and imaginative 😉

      1. Did I tell you I was working on a detective story, the lead of whom is a French woman who is a synaesthete? You are the 3rd such person I’ve met since I got the concept.

        I was trying to get to Paris last year, to help with writing it, but I’m tired of traveling alone. Plus, I’ve decided she’s not from Paris.

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