Weekly Photo Challenge – Saturation

Island of Burano, Venice, Italy

This week’s theme focusses on ‘saturation’, which is loose in its meaning as it could encompass a number of different ways of looking at photography. So I’m presenting a selection of yet more Venice pics (it’s never going to get old, not for me anyway [grin]), that I think express different versions of ‘saturation’, or ‘intensity’ as the challenge seems to be alluding to.

The above photo was taken on the very colourful Island of Burano about an hour’s boat ride from the city of Venice. I was struck not only by the over-saturation of colour there, but the distinct difference in architecture from the rest of Venice. There certainly wasn’t the same imposing height of buildings that you experience in the city.

On arrival in Venice you are overwhelmed by visual stimuli, every space is crammed full detail and points of interest. There is an almost constant sense of movement and busy-ness that pervades every stretch of canal and street corner, bridge, alleyway, through the innumerable windows and doors. Every sense is fully engaged all the time and it’s very difficult not to walk around in a permanent state of awe and wonderment, and quite easy to understand how one might be inclined to have a euphoric experience through prolonged exposure to this breath-taking jewel of place!

I’ve included in my selection photos that I have enhanced and intensified through adjusting filters. Despite the perpetual visual clutter that occupies your eyes in Venice, there is a peculiar sense of order about it all, and anything less would not make it as beautiful and as enticing as this city is. For me anyway…

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43 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Saturation

  1. These are wonderful – saturated with colour, with stone, with buildings, with history. When I compare your header photo with the topmost one in this post, I think of the Sistine Chapel before and after the restoration of the great ceiling. Perhaps Venice should take note.

    1. I think it’s beginning to. There are so many buildings in Venice that are now under heavy restoration. A significant decrease in air-fair to Venice from the rest of Europe at least has meant that it’s tourist trade has had a massive boost in recent years. Hence why it took me almost 25 years to get there, I simply couldn’t afford it before a couple of years ago. So there is renewed interest there in terms of redevelopment and making Venice a centre of art again. Except I think that they tumble-down aspect of much of it is part of its incredible charm.

      1. I believe that is exactly what they are doing.
        So you’re in DC?
        I’ve never visited the US, always wanted to when I was younger. I was obsessed in fact with all things American, but then I began travelling and my views broadened.

    1. Thank you Ben! For me at least Burano is best admired from the photos, I wasn’t so enamoured with the feel of the place, so I stayed long enough to walk around it, take a few shots and leave. It looks very good on camera though πŸ™‚

    1. Me too. When I returned from Venice this time around I looked at apartments there, weighing up my options to see how feasible it would be to move there. I’m not kidding I would go and live there in a heartbeat if I was given the opportunity.

      1. Hey I tell you what, I saw a great programme on TV the other night and I thought of you, it was Derren Brown production where he turned a normal guy off the street into a faith-healer who he trained up over several months and took over to Texas, smack bang in the middle of the bible belt and got him to do his thing. The whole point of it was that then the truth would be revealed to the unsuspecting audience members attending the healing by way of ousting the fraudulent behaviour of many famous faith-healers that seem to run amok over there. I recommend it. I shall see what I can find and send you a link if I can.

  2. The images are wonderful. The way you have arranged them makes them even better, and the fruit and veg ‘stall’ is great. What a way to sell one’s wares? If trade is bit slow on one part of the canal simply tootle off a mile or so ‘upstream’. How cool is that !

      1. The idea of living on the water, or even making one;s living on the water never appealed to me. Probably why I thought Kevin Costner’s Waterworld such a lousy movie!
        However, there is an area off the coast of Vietnam – forget where – that was featured in a Top Gear special where a group of people apparently never come off the water. There is some sort of floating fisherman’s village and the residents are born there and live, work and play there and eventually die there as well, I presume.

      2. It was a lousy movie, and still is. It has been re-run to death on TV over here to the point that I would quite happily blow it to smithereens were it an actual object I could aim at!
        I love Top Gear, you can experience all these weird and wonderful places without ever needing to get your feet wet.

        Personally I’ve always lived in close proximity to water, and I like it a lot. So Venice for me is my idea of heaven, I would quite happily retire there and spend my last days there.

      1. Actually they have a whole walled island where they bury the Venetian dead, it’s a perfect square too. Considering it’s all built on silty marsh-land it would probably be more appropriate to bring a bucket and spade to bury one’s loved ones. You can just image the whole island being covered in giant sand-castles with little flags sticking out of the top. Everybody gets a stick of peppermint rock, and a kiss-me-quick hat for turning up.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous Ishaiya! Burano is vibrant and beautiful, but the Santa Lucia doors are my favourites. Here is a link to your nomination to the Capture the Colour contest! If you have the time πŸ™‚

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