The Daily Channel – Talking to Joseph

I’ve written this post for the Daily Channel in the style of the question and answer sessions that I have often indulged myself in through the course of my life. The part of my consciousness that I am speaking to I know as Joseph. My questions are the kinds of questions that anyone reading this may pose from a ‘rational’ perspective. The answers are channelled and I have written them here as they came to me with no editing of content. In fact I haven’t actually read through the whole document yet other than to correct typos, but I trust that the information it provides will be insightful and pertinent. 

M. Nothing is real is it?

J. Not if you look at it from the perspective of someone who does not accept their reality as being fixed. What is real however is your ability to perceive the world around you in a way that is completely unique to you, so that in effect all life extends from you, is a facet of you and in that you have the opportunity to learn about yourself and grow.

M. Hmmm, that was specific.

J. It is not a question of specifics my bright-eyed one, but a question of focus and a narrowing of perception that allows you to perceive your environment in a way that would appear separate from you. When you pull your focus, your awareness away from the vision provided you through the tracts of your physical senses, then you are open to broader opportunities of exploration. Then you enter the realm of the imagination and of dreams, therein lies the key to changing what it is you think you perceive. Reality as you understand it then becomes more malleable and able to adopt a variety of forms just by changing your thought patterns alone. You perceive through a heightened sense of awareness a reality with which you have more kinship in fact than the one you incidentally call ‘real’, the physical world that you identify yourself with in the same way that you identify with language as having especial significance. Neither have. The more pertinent state of awareness is the one you deem as unstable, and whimsical based upon the perceptions and belief cultures inherent in your physical system.

You are no more physical than the thoughts that pervade your nervous system, and give instruction to you limbs to perform certain acts of movement. A thought cannot be encased in a glass box anymore than a glass box can be encased in a thought. Yet the impact that your thinking has on the physical world around you is significant indeed. Your awareness accommodates more thought patterns than you can shake your beloved stick at.  In those patterns of perception are the tenets of your social infrastructures, bound together like molecules in your finger-tips that know not that they are part of a finger, and a hand that joins a body. Yet they understand their function in a way that would seem difficult to comprehend, and indeed alien to you in much the same way as you understand your own position in a society that is itself an abstract concept. You like the molecule, like the thought is free to move and flow in all directions, even though there are greater patterns at work within which you participate but have little awareness of.

M. I know I have come across this notion before that what may seem obvious to me in my physical waking experience is in fact far removed from the reality of my being. There is a pomposity that comes with being human, in that we like to believe we know what is going on, even though the very language we use in order to communicate such certainties is constructed of vague metaphors that mean little unless you are in on the conversation from a social and cultural perspective. That we believe we understand anything I find quite laughable, as the moment you change the definition of a river, i.e. you describe that which makes it a river in a different way, then it ceases to be a river. Time is a a human construct, and our perception of linear events is too, the only concrete evidence that we have that we were ever here in the preceding moment is our apparent memory of it. And as we know memories are unreliable because they are subjective and unprovable, not even if someone was sharing that preceding moment with you as their memory of that moment will differ according to their own perceptions and implicit meanings.

J. You see now how difficult it is to be specific about anything without peeling at layer after layer of probable causes that may or may not result in your current physical perceptions. You will not find anything fixed or concrete because your thought processes are not so. Their fluidity provides you with the impetus to explore your own consciousness and thus in its creation, your reality.

M. Not for those that are of a nervous disposition then! That kind of thinking may prove to be a little too creative and thus unstable would it not?

J. Not in my opinion, and not in the opinion of anyone who chooses to participate in the physical-conscious endeavour that you know as humanity. None of you can help but be fluid and undefinable. That is part of the creativity that you inhabit in your many myriad forms, seemingly leading separate lives, ever destined to connect with those around you in meaningful ways, when in fact you were never separate speaking in terms of your acknowledged time constraints. You are not separate from anything that you now perceive or will you ever be, it is a seemingly impossible situation that with simple examination of your thought processes will reveal the illusion of your beliefs that give such notions of separateness credence. Your reality extends far beyond what you currently believe you perceive. There are facets of your existence that will never be known to you in the current form that you seemingly inhabit. There are of course many that you do come into contact with all the time, those that form the experiences that you currently hold as your own. Reality then, does not need to be defined, it is the sum of your conscious experiences as you recognise them now, the ones you remember that is.

M. Now you’re just being facetious.

J.Indeed I am. Precisely one of many faces, faces that are your own in differing forms, and patterns of consciousness. One thing you ought to remember however is that you are no more fixed to your current circumstances than your circumstances are a product of physically perceived outcomes.

M. Come again?

J. You can think your way out of any notion of fixedness. In changing your thought processes you change the patterns of intent within which you flow, thus your reality can only follow suit. To change your reality, you must change the way you think. Negative emotions are merely signals that your thought processes are already moving in different patterns, merging with other processes that at your level of physical perception may be experienced as friction or tension. It is the notion of change as you currently understand it. Any resistance you may feel is an illusion sparked by the shift in your desires.  However, do not confuse negativity with constraint as it is merely an expression of your current perceptions. No system is closed, there are no secrets, or restrictions. If you can imagine your way past a situation then the flow of your thought processes and thus the perception of your reality will shift accordingly. It is inevitable.

M. That’s beautiful J. Thank you for your time.

J. Or non-time.

M. Yes! (smile)

M. One more question… what is truth?

J. Truth is an unquestionable defiance of negativity. It is the juxtaposition of probable events that in their plausibility seem justifiable. In truth however…

M. Yeees

J. … the term is meaningless without something concrete and fixed to provide it with credibility. And as we have discussed thought processes and thus perceptions of reality are fluid, though even that is not an adequate definition of the creative vitality that fuels human impulses and thought processes. Your beliefs are sacrosanct in maintaining your identity, if you alter but one notion of what being you means, then your beliefs are changed automatically. Beliefs follow expectations, and expectations follow your emotional intent, your emotional intent is the creativity of your being in your current dimension of thinking.


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    1. You think? I thought that’s what I was doing here… oh you mean for money? Isn’t there already an over-saturation of this stuff on the market, why would what I do make a dent?

      1. You know what i mean. Roberts did it very well and you’re as good if not better. That’s not lip service. At least tease the water… send a chapter draft off to a specialised publisher.

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