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As some of you may be aware I am an avid fan of the work of author and deep trance channel Jane Roberts. Actually fan is not exactly correct, it’s just that her work has always made absolute resounding sense since I was first introduced to Seth through other books on the subject of ‘New Age’ wisdom that were beginning to become very popular at the time. I was just 20 years old. Me being an ambitious soul, I thought that if Jane Roberts could do what she did by talking to non-physical entities along with the likes of  Edgar Cayce, the ladies who channelled ‘Lazarus’, and ‘Emanuel’ then I too could channel my own. So I remember sitting down with pen and paper and waiting to see what happened. I would always begin with a question and wait for the answer from within, convinced that the deep trance state wasn’t necessary in order to make contact with whomever in order to tap into intuitive knowledge.
I’ve been carrying out these question and answer sessions with my intuitive selves for almost 20 years now (it’s easier to give the different streams of energy a personality, adds a certain flavour that is relatable). I really enjoy them because I can play devil’s advocate and ask all those questions that bug my rational mind on a day to day basis. These sessions also tend to be very humorous as well as deeply informative in nature. I see what I do as an extension to all the wonderful material of a similar ilk that pervade our bookshops, and personal bookshelves physical or virtual. For me however the Seth material will always be difficult to top, if only in sheer depth of wisdom and volume of work that Jane Roberts and her husband Robert Butts produced over the course of my lifetime and beyond. 

M. Hello Joseph

J. Now then, what were we discussing earlier?

M. Have-beens and fava beans?

J. Indeed so. It is consummately difficult for you to comprehend with your limited perception of events that one moment does not in fact precede another.

M. We are on the subject of time again?

J. Your conception of time underpins absolutely everything that you conceive as being real, or of your physical reality. When you dream the definition of time as you understand it loosens and hours can pass in mere seconds of your normal waking time. As you have experienced yourself in countless dreams you are able to relive entire days, weeks, months in the time that it takes your physical body to sleep through just one night of your physical reality. Yet you awake and discard the memory as if it were mere fancy, instead of understanding the pertinence of the very real experiences you have just had during your dreaming reality. Time is a trick of your under-active waking brain (humorous).

M. (laughing) For me at least my dreams have always been very vivid throughout my life, becoming more vivid and more in line with waking experience the older I have become. I know that I learned to drive while dreaming, so the first time I actually drove a car I felt absolute confidence, and each time after that, as ridiculous as that may sound to some, but I have no other way of justifying why that would be the case without referring to the many dreams I have had of doing so with ease. I love my dreams because I get to do things, visit places, meet people that in this reality might not seem at all possible, then I awaken with those memories and experiences to add to the ones that one might ‘ordinarily’ think of as being the salient ones.

J, Salience however is prejudiced in favour of the belief systems that you currently entertain. You do not subscribe to many of the beliefs that would be deemed as common or popular because you have always accepted that you do not fit in to the world in which you find yourself participating. You have decided to make your own decisions based upon your own experiences as they relate to you and your vision of the world around you. Intricacies escape you sometimes, in terms of making judgements that would benefit you better.

M. What do you mean? I feel like you are trying to tell me something pertinent here, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

J. You have a tendency to speak of truth yet you see the flaw in your logic but do not always let on to this because you fear rebuke.

M. Well that’s a cause for amusement! Yes I can sort of see what you are getting at oh wisest of selves! But what’s your point?

J. The point being to any perception of existence or salience of reality is that you are the agent of your own expressions, you can change the musical score of your life any time you wish as often as the wind changes direction. It matters not, every experience and memory that you have is valid. There is nothing more to be added to that statement other than truth as we have previously discussed in a misnomer, so there is no point propounding something that holds no water in your terms. Your river analogy was a most salient one, in that the moment you redefine the purpose of an ‘object’ or concept then it ceases to be what you believed it was. So time as you understand it does not hold water, it is a way of categorising your experiences and memories in a way that you can draw reference from at any given moment. If you follow the path of your thoughts you will see that they do not follow linear patterns but are pulled from all around you, figuratively speaking. You will only ever remember those things that have relevance to your present mode of focus, which is precisely why you do not remember everything, until it becomes relevant that is. This can also be applied to what you may term past-lives, future selves, other incarnations of parallel import, indeed any experience that you are able to generate within the constructs of your physical imagination.

M. Hang on, you say physical imagination like there are different types?

J. Not exactly, but for the purposes of expressing our point about time it is necessary to place it within a construct that others reading this may be more familiar with. Your imagination is a human metaphor, therefore it is relevant to speak about it in human terms. But you are not merely human forms. You transcend any notion of physicality the moment you begin to imagine, which in your terms is a constant. It is a sign that your brain is functioning, that there is activity in your cortical zone. Though your ability to dream and think and be is not encased in that area of your brain. It is however what causes your brain to switch on.

M. So we are back at the notion of ‘consciousness’ and thought being or rather existing outside of the physical body, and the physical world?

J. Yes. Where would you say I am?

M. That is always going to be a good question. You Joseph as I understand it, are a facet of my rather active imagination as filtered through the auspices of my physical brain.

J. And body too.

M. You for me an altered state of consciousness that I have able to interpret at my usual level of waking awareness if you like.

J. What you do not currently perceive however is that I have other physical selves of which you form a part that are just as ‘awake’ right now as you, and who hear me just as clearly. I am not just a figment of your imagination. I am an entity in my own right if you remember correctly.

M. Yes… fair point.

J. That you hear me at all is a reflection of your ability to think beyond the popular bounds of your supposed human form. You are an intrepid explorer of your own mental landscape.

M. Thanks, that’s a nice thought.

J. You have nothing to gain by deferring to yourself in a way that places you in a detrimental light, you will only create the conditions to match. It is important for all to envisage yourselves in the best possible way, in a way that is conducive to creativity and self-fulfilment. In valuing the experiences and memories that you have, then you create grounds for positive action. Your life is not a piece of string with a beginning and an end. It is nothing that you can even possibly conceive of from your present physical vantage point. But it is at other levels of your awareness. Your imagination is the spring-board from which you may get a glimpse of the greater endeavour of consciousness that your current self forms a part. Nothing is inaccessible. Once again no system is closed or is it private. You have access to any knowledge you require simply by asking your subconscious and allowing the thoughts and impressions to come to you as naturally as the changes in the breeze. Take heart dearest friend that I teach you to suck eggs, as you seem to have forgotten this (humorous and affectionately).

M. Eggs… yes. Slurp! Thank you J.

J. The pleasure is ours (smile).

M. Hang on… what about the fava beans?

J. You are not born from a seed and you will not develop beans with which to propagate your futures. It is an analogy that fits your current mode of thinking, but it is no more the case than you having evolved from an ape. As I understand that this may cause controversy amongst the ranks of you readers, I say to you all that life in not so easily dissected and examined through the lens of a human construct. In order to examine your life adequately, you must look first to the beliefs that you hold and eliminate any that do not hold water. If there are discrepancies then you have failed to see the bigger reality that you are so instrumental in creating. You are more than you know you are at all moments and in all dis-guises. What you are not is what you are also. You must consider all the ‘facts’ before you come to your conclusions and not defer to popularity because it makes you look better in the eyes of others. You are more than the sum of your parts and I will always be watching you avidly and with great interest from my own vantage point. I have a keen interest in your well-being because I too was once in your shoes in your terms. You are exceptional and brilliant and all that I need to say to you now is that I am deeply proud that you find yourself here so willing to expand your awareness and think in the way that you were always designed to do. You are a magnificent being in extraordinary circumstances that in their mundaneness reveal a complexity that indeed baffles most.


8 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – Talking to Joseph – Clarification

  1. Very interesting read, even if I was lost at times …. but one thing is for sure I love my dreams too. *smil This mental landscape I can relate to … a landscape that like our nature shifts by needs and maybe also demand.

    1. Thank you for reading Viveka. Usually with these pieces it’s all about what you want to take from it if anything. I’m glad some of it made sense to you at least [smile]. I hope today is a better day for you, your seat is still warm…

  2. wow, loved this. I’ve always felt this way, that there are so many different ‘layers’ to us, we can’t even contemplate it, because we use so little of our brain when ‘awake’. ‘layers’ is the only way I can describe it, or maybe ‘ways’ for us to be, yet he’s right, we so often ignore our other layers or sides to us, or even depths of our minds, however you want to describe it, due to the constant barage of disbelief we let others bog us down with. It goes back to my post not too long ago, about how great our world and humans would be if we only encouraged each other constantly, loved each other no matter what…just how evolved we could have become by now…instead of following the path of self absortion and self importance, and violence we passed on in our genetics, by fostering selfishness instead of reaching greater awareness by concentrating on what was good for the many. 🙂

    1. Thank you Shards for reading and for your lovely comments. Your enthusiasm is infectious my dear! 🙂
      I’m glad that this post resonated with you. Joseph is a tricky one, always catches me out with something! lol
      Him and the rest of them talking to me all the time!
      I never quite know what they’re going to talk about, so it’s a bit of an adventure for me when I do these Daily Channel posts. I should do more of them as they are so much fun, also people seem to like them.
      Anyway, I must get on with some study before the morning disappears and I have to pick up my youngest son from pre-school!
      Have a great day! 🙂

    1. I suppose he should really, better than I know myself! Lol now I’m confused! It’s true though, his is a perspective I wish I had all the time, even if he is part of me. Thank you for reading lovely friend. Much love and hugs to you xx

    1. Hi Dianne, I’m pleased that you found it. I always believe there is a right time to come across such things. I will be posting my conversations with Joseph from time to time. There are also many other pieces channelled from other characters under The Daily Channel in my blog’d main menu. Thank you of course for taking the time to stop by and read, also for commenting. It is much appreciated.

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