Quote for today – October 7 2013 – The pursuit of happiness

To talk about ‘truth’ is to define and pigeonhole creativity. So in our pursuit of happiness, actually truth has very little bearing. What we are searching for is the burst of adrenaline, the rush of dopamine and endorphins that makes us smile, dream big, and innovate whether allegorically or through action. In embracing our innate creativity to engage with the world around us, in which ever way we are able, we find happiness.

(Taken from a post I am currently writing for my other blog Diary of Person Being Human)


15 thoughts on “Quote for today – October 7 2013 – The pursuit of happiness

  1. Are we confusing truth with happiness? Truth could be defined as ‘that which cannot be denied/avoided’.

    A lot of things make me happy, without necessarily being true …

    1. Nope no confusion at all, just an observation of social habits. It will make more sense in context of the post I’m writing for my other blog. The word ‘truth’ is a great one for ruffling people’s moral feathers, it works every time. So much fun!

    2. Your last statement was in fact the point I was making. How we believe in anything is beyond me considering all linguistic concepts are metaphorical in nature, and thus open to many levels of interpretation depending on predispositions on any given day. Communicative exchanges, whether read or uttered are all about what fires your cylinders, regardless of whether it’s useful to anyone else or not. Idealism is nice, but in the right context.

  2. I would agree with Argus – that truth and happiness don’t have to go hand in hand … happy can we feel about anything that pleases us .. the truth can bring a lot of sadness and grief too.

      1. lol honestly I think you got thrown by Argus’s comment, he managed to confuse the issue because I believe he was responding to John’s comment, not mine. He does this because he likes to be controversial! [smile]
        I hope today is a better day for you and that you are feeling a bit perkier. Hugs x

      2. Ishaiya, thank so much for asking … I had a great day today. I changed the way I take the medicine last night .. but I will give a couple of more days … had a really good day today – so difficult to take the medicine. Maybe I have done it wrongly. Have 3 weeks more to take of the awkward medicine.

  3. An ice cold glass of Boddingtons, feet up on the wooden table on the patio looking over the valley listening to the football on the radio an hearing that Liverpool have just shunted their fifth goal past Manchester United.
    That is happiness and ain’t that the truth! πŸ™‚

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