I had to share this!

I got a link to this video in an e-mail this morning and I had to share it. The message within it epitomises much of what I personally stand for. I know there are quite a few of you here who will appreciate it too. It’s very compelling and worth a watch. Enjoy!

(ignore the first e-mail notification of the same title, it was the wrong link)


5 thoughts on “I had to share this!

      1. Yes that is a hopeful thought. Mind you they might be a bit too bitter by that point to remember what it was they were so fired up about in the first place! [grin]
        The youth don’t stay young long!

      2. You’re so right … I watched the most disturbing TV-program yesterday about people in Oregon, US – with high unemployment. 9.4 million children in US don’t live in a home of their own, because their parents has lost their homes. … that it the whole population of Sweden.
        And they send people out in the space … to look at planets that we can’t live on, instead of spending money where they a truly needed. Makes me sick. So life will change those young people big time.

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