M’s Marvellous Musical Moments – Police and Arctic Monkeys

Can you spot the very obvious link between the two songs?

Classic Police!

And this lot are just fun!

Just for good measure I’m including a very silly pic of my youngest son wearing his comedy glasses, not that it’s related at all. But his T-Shirt describes it all very well!

Raef in disguise


12 thoughts on “M’s Marvellous Musical Moments – Police and Arctic Monkeys

  1. Great track, but I love the Moulin Rouge version better .. *smile – even if they both are tango, the tango comes out stronger in the Moulin Rouge version. Very clever done. Never been a Police fan. The link between the two songs ??? The only one I can come up with is they are Police both, but there has to be something else.
    Your little one is just so adorable. How old ??? 3 years ????

  2. Tell you a story about the Police…

    I had bought a ticket months previously for a gig in December but confirmation of my flight to South Africa ( I had a 12 month contract) arrived and I was due to fly less than a week before the gig so I had to give up my ticket.
    Anyhow, that year the winter was atrocious- more snow that we’d seen for a decade or so, if memory serves, and when I arrived at Heathrow on the 11th December only one runway remained open and all incoming shuttle flights had been cancelled.
    I went on standby and spent the night at the airport.
    Things were no better the following day so instead of spending any more time on standby I rescheduled my flight for the 19th of December on El Al.
    My uncle came and picked me up, I got on a train and went back home for a week.
    And when I arrived, my mate had not sold my ticket. Talk about luck!
    So that Saturday night, we piled into his car and went off to Connahs Quay ice rink, which was covered (obviously) and saw the Police!

    I still remember being awestruck by Andy Summers playing the opening chords of Message in a Bottle.

    It was like a second farewell party. The following week, the weather cleared and I hopped on the El Al flight to Johannesburg.

    1. What an awesome story. You see sometimes these things happen for a reason, and you were obviously meant to go and see the Police perform live. Great experience I’m sure, and what a memory to have in your repertoire!
      Listening to the Police is always a happy blast from the past for me πŸ™‚

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