Weekly Photo Challenge – The Hue of Me

This is a tough challenge in a lot of ways because being a Synaesthete colour is significant to me in more ways than I can possibly express. It isn’t just about visual colour. Colours for me have texture and emotion, sound and taste. My preference for certain colours changes with my mood. I go through phases of liking certain colour combinations. However, two colours in particular that have especial significance for me and that I would say describe me succinctly are turquoise and red.

Red and blue boat on Venetian Canal

The Thorn

Pluck me a rose from thorn’s embrace,

And deliver this heart as you would in love,

To a child; a grace sublime.

No shadow of mortal masquerade,

In thy name a question to an answer told.

To be so bold as to pluck me free;

A prickle of dew upon nature’s hand

That doth well to make the oceans

And the severed lands,

As thy words were once spoken

Over blood and sky; over rain and dust.

From this vision a phoenix rose-

My son in painted clothes of red and blue,

Whose raiment would embrace this thorn;

Not harbour malice, this healing grain.

‘Til carried forth aboard this heaving vessel

As timely as the beating heart;

The journey’s end so clear in view,

To rest awhile among the crowds-

Blind judgement pressed upon thy brow,

Forgone; as truth would stain the ground

Beneath the feet this rose would mark.


If you wish to participate in this week’s photo challenge click here for further information.


24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – The Hue of Me

  1. Super photo. Don’t understand poetry, sorry. I am a Philistine in this regard.
    I could never get past…
    “There was an old woman from Leeds,
    Who swallowed a packet of seeds….


    1. Thanks Ark! Ah.. I think it’s just an excuse that you say you don’t like poetry, it’s just words, and I know you like words! It’s like saying you don’t like a slice because it’s not quite a cake…

      1. Maybe? But I’ve never got into poetry.

        When I first arrived in SA I had a room in a boarding house and there was an Afrikaans girl, Hannetjie,that also boarded that I was sweet on.
        She was seriously into poetry and was a dreamy hippie sort. One evening we went for dinner on my birthday and she gave me a book by William Blake. She beamed at me across the table as I unwrapped the gift. But when I had opened it I was a bit bemused as I had never heard of the bloke. I smiled graciously and thanked her, of course; I am not a complete Neanderthal. But she was more nonplussed than I, poor thing, no doubt expecting a, “Cor, wow” sort of response.

        Sigh.. c’est la vie. But please don’t take it personally?
        It would be upsetting if you thought that way? Many people don’t enjoy what I write, That’s the way it is I guess?
        Although I do have a shortlist of my harshest critics and one day I plan to hunt each one down whereupon I shall tie them up and read one of my stories right through…twice.

      2. LOL! I don’t really consider my poetry as at all conventional. To me it’s more just a very highly descriptive and concise form of writing which is more like painting with words than other forms of writing. But I’ve never been a fan of mainstream poetry either. Although of course I do enjoy other people’s poetry from time to time.

    1. Thank you Madhu. Yes I too participate when I can, but life is busier than usual at the moment, blogging is taking a rest for a while 🙂
      I look forward to your future posts and wonderful photos. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. 🙂

    1. You are welcome. Thank you too for stopping by and taking the time to comment!
      Synaesthesia is a fascinating thing indeed, I thought everybody saw things the way I did until I was well into my 20’s and I learned of this condition, or rather neurological state. It adds a quality to life that can be very difficult to explain to those that don’t share it.

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