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Rosebud with greenfly

I thought it was about time for another session with Joseph. You’d think I would do this a lot more, just because I can. But time seems to slip away, and before I know it several weeks have lapsed, and I’m feeling like I’ve missed something. In true fashion I have no idea where this discussion is going to go, so here goes…

M. Hi Joseph.
J. Your consciousness serves you a purpose. It provides you with feedback on your current perceivable experience. It does not however allow for deviation from a frequent array of signals and devices being used in order to keep you grounded where you believe yourself to be in your given ‘apparent’ moment. Consciousness does not know that it is being subdivided into different perceivable parts any more than you can recognise your position within the world that you believe you inhabit. I make no bones in telling you that you simply do not have it within you as you are now to inhibit such frequencies that may indeed connect you with other perceivable realities other than your own. You are open to all and would do well to bear that in mind when believing yourself to be trapped by your circumstances. There are no perceivable barriers that could possibly inhibit your growth in the way that you understand it. Standards prevail within the current meter of your experience so that you believe that what you perceive is independent of you, yet you know that just a slight shift in your ordinary consciousness will reveal new experiences that before lay hidden so to speak. Again no thing is hidden, no thing is private, no thought is beyond your capability to react to in the way that you might react to the changes in the breeze. You cannot hide anymore than the world you know can hide from you. You hide in your terms in plain sight. So obvious is your intent and that of others that most ignore what they know, and is before them in such bright and vivid colours. You are not a quiet soul, nor are the souls your perceive around you.

If you avert your gaze therefore, it is simply a gesture that you are choosing to ignore what you agree with others that you see before you, but truly to ignore another’s energetic presence whether physically palpable, perceivable, or not is simply not within your remit. And this I mean to address to all reading this, not just the dear girl who types away at her keyboard at my bequest. Life is not a series of moments in linear space, but a conglomeration of energetic signatures that speak to you from so many different probable notions of self-hood that it is often difficult within your linear transgression to interpret one from the other. These probable energetic signatures of self-hood manifest as weather patterns, like many thoughts converging within a larger energy signature that forms in its own way an entity almost recognisable as an independent body, yet of course it is not because it is composed of many pulses, many emotional and energetic patterns of probable thought that converge much as formations of birds within the sky.

You are independent of each other but connected in a way that eludes you all to one extent or another. You simply do not perceive your selves as being connected through the paradigms of your ordinary filters. Yet emotionally there is not separation and that is obvious and perceivable to all, though even the most obvious is treated as curiosity, or at the very worst, paranoia. Two ‘individuals’ and I use the term loosely here because it is a misnomer, two individuals know when they connect energetically, even from a great distance because it would seem that at least at an emotional level you are free to express your selves, even if only within your selves, again a term I use loosely. As there is no initial separation in your terms, between the self that you are and the selves that you perceive around you, the people that you believe inhabit the world with you, then linear time and space are indeed redundant terms, adding convenience only to your present mode of consciousness which I might add is only apparent to your physically waking selves as dear Ishaiya so likes to refer to it. Therefore the transmission of emotive intent, is instantaneous. It may defy current logic in your terms, but as those that have come into contact with Ishaiya may know, that this is indeed the case. She is an unusual one in that she was never encouraged to divorce herself of that awareness, and in that she is representative of you all, she understands and perceives the connection that you have with your own inner thoughts and feelings and how that connects to the world around you. And she wishes you well, though she may protest at this intrusion.

Time as you understand it simply isn’t what you believe it to be. You know that it isn’t within some recess of your conscious body, and I refer to it as a body only because it is a way that you can identify with the concepts that I am referring to. Knowledge that is known by you alone, seemingly, will resound within you in a way that interest will be sparked.’True’ knowledge (Ishaiya is laughing at this) feels, sounds, and smells right, and that is how you know that what you are perceiving is valuable indeed. How you then translate that information into your everyday awareness is much less of value than you believe. The initial contact is where “all the change happens” so to speak. That is the point at which wheels are put into motion to use a popular euphemism. What becomes manifest thereafter is already a signal that much has already happened in order to bring these events and experiences into your frame of conscious focus and thus reference.
I bid you all good evening.

M. Thanks Joseph. That was great.


3 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – Talking to Joseph – Elucidation

  1. I like Joseph alot!! So can you ask him a question for me??? I understand fully that we believe what we percieve to be true… because to us it is… but if it is only the beginning of a merging of many different things coming together, that we finally recognize is our reality, can you ask him to explain… what is TRUE reality? What is TRUTH? If it isn’t what we see and hear and taste and know is right in front of us….then what is it? I know we’re all connected like one giant blog of consciousness, maybe even one giant mass of energy swirling around bumping into each other like retarded atoms….but I don’t understand why we would need eyes or tongues or bodies if this were so… and if it isn’t true, or true reality, not just to us….then what is the true reality? what is the TRUTH???
    I don’t know if he likes you to pry him with questions, but I would love it if you asked for me!!! thanks sweety, and have a lovely Thanksgiving, if you celebrate like we do!!

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