Weekly Photo Challenge – Eerie

I wasn’t quite sure what to post for this week’s photo challenge which is why I’m a bit late with my entry. But as I walked through Littlehampton this morning with the brooding black rain clouds forming the backdrop, I realised that there is plenty eerie about this place! So here’s my pick for the week…

Spider-web cables straddling the dark foreboding skies, blood-red Hawthorn berries, a deserted school building awaiting demolition, and an escape plan possibly for those in the cells on the other side of the wall in the police head-quarters!

If you want to participate in this week’s photo challenge or would like regular updates on future challenges click here for further information.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Eerie

  1. I too have an eerie sky, hope you won’t be offended if I post it. We get them a lot down here, including a type I’ve never been able to capture but which The Spouse calls “Airborne bums” (and that’s exactly it~!). I’ll post it if I find the snaps.

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