Weekly Photo Challenge – Habit


My habitual view when I’m sitting at my laptop composing posts, amongst other things is through the dividing window that used to be the outside of the house before my nice cosy warm, slighter quieter than everywhere else, workshop was built. We kept the dividing window to allow light to still filter through. However, it means I can keep an eye on things while not being overly disturbed by the usual rabble ensuing on the other side!

I captured my youngest son Raef in a dynamic run toward an unsuspecting kitten, the newest addition to the family, whom Raef has named Egg on account of what he was eyeballing at the time that we asked him what we should call the young micro-moggie. My daughter wanted to call him Lancelot as our other cat is called Guinevere, so it is that he is now known officially down at the vet’s as Lancelot-Egg.

I also happen to like the way I have snapped a view of a window through a window, with a view of the garden through the window behind me in the dividing window! Phew, that was exhausting!

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26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Habit

  1. I love this little view into your life, and especially the garden view in front of and behind you. We had an extension built onto my grandfather’s house, in which I grew up, that had similar windows – one was in a utility room that opened into another utility room, and the other was a window that opened to a bathroom. I must say, your living writer’s cave is much better.

    1. Great name isn’t it? The friend who gave us the kitten has another cat who her husband threatened to name Special-Needs if she made him take it to the vets for registration. As she had no choice at the time, she now has to sit through the embarrassment of hearing his name being called out over the airwaves every time she takes the cat down to the vet for a check-up!

  2. Reminds of those one-way mirrors/glass dividers you find in banks. Although people can see you through this, I’m sure.

    There’s a song called Window on the world by a South African band, Bright Blue.
    Ironically I heard a snatch of it this afternoon on one of those Solid God radio shows for old farts like me as I was walking out the patio to join the family for a BBQ
    And as soon as I clicked on your post it came to mind.

    Here you go. Get a taste of some 80’s SA pop. It has an interesting intro…be patient!

      1. It is a riff based on the hymn, Onward Christian Soldiers and was a veiled protest against SA conscription and the war in South West Africa (Namibia) and Angola which SA troops were involved in.

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