The Daily Channel – Words

Words alone do not easily, or accurately convey meaning, but they can create in-roads to where the meaning lies. As way-markers they point to potential avenues of exploration, creating images, sounds, smells, sensations, engaging the senses in a way that allows you to create experiences and realities that are not yet bound by physical laws, and thus allowing you the freedom to grow and know yourselves in innumerable ways. Words are resonant spring-boards that reverberate through your consciousness, activating thought processes, emotions, and memories in ever renewing patterns of intent that provide the impetus to act upon and solidify meaning in a way that can be shared with others, and in a manner that is utterly unique to each and all. Their purpose is invaluable in that they can unlock doors that seemingly bar your progress, and though a powerful tool, words are merely a way in which you are able to express yourselves through your physical form. They do not make your heart beat, nor can they make it stop. They do not give life to your limbs that enable you jump from your springboards, and to push those doors open. You minds work freely, silently and well without words, yet they are an apposite reminder that nothing is fixed or static, and that life and consciousness flow within you, from you and around you in waves, or pulses that give flight to them.

Joseph 20:20:20


4 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – Words

  1. We fixate so much on our words, often we don’t bother to notice what the rest of our bodies are communicating. Not infrequently, it’s different than our words. We give them power while thinking the opposite is true. Wonderfully written.

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