Weekly Photo Challenge – Grand

When I think of the word ‘grand’ I naturally think of grand pianos having been a musician for most of my life. My dream when I was a warbling teenager was to own a grand-piano one day. Sadly that dream, like many others settled for something a little less intrusive and space filling, not to mention expensive!

So my entry for this week has absolutely nothing to do with pianos. In fact it has nothing to do with music at all unless you consider yodeling music (sorry yodelers of the world).

No, the word ‘grand’ also makes me think of many other things. Mountains for instance, big buildings, the Grand Canal oddly enough… and other such grandiose things. So here is a little selection of such, and remember, no pianos.

If you want to participate in this week’s photo challenge or would like regular updates on future challenges click here for further information.


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Grand

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