Weekly Photo Challenge – Beginning

New Year's Day 2014, Lake and Forest

I have been somewhat absent from WP in recent weeks. Life can take some interesting turns when you least expect it and what may seem like endings are indeed beginnings that are waiting patiently asking for your attention. The above photo was taken on New Year’s Day (or there abouts) during my recent visit to the US with my new swanky camera the Fujifilm X100S (secretly jumping up and down with excitement!). This image is not just a beautiful shot of a lake through a forest kissed by the glow of an afternoon winter sun at the beginning of a new year, it is an image that represents for me many new beginnings that are about to change the  course and the nature of my life from now on. Deep breath…

I hope that your new year brings all of you joy and success, and peace.

With love,


If you want to participate in this week’s photo challenge or would like regular updates on future challenges click here for further information.


17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Beginning

  1. This is a really beautiful capture. The value of picture increase when sentiments are attached to it. Congrats for your new camera and wishing you a great year ahead 😀

      1. Man I’m impressed that you keep count! My bitterness is a lot less precise you see, it’s a general all encompassing bitterness that runs as deep as the epidermis on my arm is thick!
        (if you’re wondering about the arm reference, you might want to search for my post entitled ‘How Thick is My Arm?’, there you will find a fine example of bitterness… I would provide you with a link but my brain is not quite alive yet)

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