Weekly Photo Challenge – Family

This week’s photo challenge theme is all about family. Although I always seem to be a week or so ahead of these challenges having posted on the same subject recently, replete with photos of my brood. Anyway, here’s another lot of my lot minus cats, captured using the miniaturising feature on my new Fujifilm X100S, apparently photographers worth their salt have wet dreams about this piece of kit as it reminds them of the old Leicas [grin]. It’s certainly fun to use…

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29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Family

      1. Well I see yours too. Great work. I’ve been thinking lately, one day I’d like to get a camera (still photography) and just take pictures of people that strike me. I people watch, so I am always snapping photos in my head! Lol.

        Just hasn’t made it to a camera in my hands yet.

      2. Thank you again. I was given a new camera for Christmas, my very first SLR. I spent years dreaming about owning one back in my younger days when I had big ideas about becoming a photo-journalist and studying black and white photographic development.
        I too always fancied the notion of doing portrait photography, but I guess the portraiture got expressed through my drawings instead. I have to say that I really enjoy street photography, capturing people in mid-action is fascinating and makes an image very dynamic.

        I’ll ask the Universe to send you a camera πŸ™‚

      3. Hahaha. Ask on. I’m ready!!! πŸ™‚

        What a wonderful Christmas gift, one that doesn’t make you go “Oh…..what….?” But actually gets you going!

        Interesting you wanted to be a photojournalist.

        Well… *pulls hands apart with palms turned upwards*…. your own photography blog. Dreams come true in all sorts of ways. O_o

        Interesting how if we can’t do one thing, we find a way in whatever we are doing. It’s one of the reasons I listen to soundtracks so much. In my head I fly into filming (check out latest blog).

        So I may not be filming in the moment, but I film — via their music.

        I love street photography too! But how do you tell who will be okay with you snapping away? Or are they generally okay with it?

      4. I find you have to be very quick and surreptitious with shooting people in the street. If you’re lucky someone will look straight into the lens with a disapproving look, but by the time they notice you all ready gone. If it was a portrait shot I would ask permission, but if you’re shooting a crowded street who is going to complain?
        I suppose you are right about the blog being my outlet finally for that dream πŸ™‚

        It’s interesting that you say you film in your head as you listen to soundtracks. I can relate as everywhere I go I am sizing up my surroundings for potential shots or paintings even if I don’t have a camera with me. Years of habit and dreaming πŸ™‚
        I shall be over to check out your blog shortly. I’m intrigued!

      5. Yes! Your craft becomes habit!!!! Hahahahaha. It really does.

        That can be the good or bad of it, unsuspecting people may not know what that may produce with your arrival.:)

        But what’s interesting about the way you capture people is, it’s actually how I shot most of “Mask.” But at some point someone called the cops on me, we were shooting in a ‘private park.’ I took in a very small crew but some places/people in NY can be very precious about their neighborhood membership parks! Haha.

        But I’m not sure I’d be as confident if I had the camera in my hand. This will take some build up. I’ll bet you’ve gotten some great ones this way.

        Looking forward to the future of this blog…

      6. Capturing people when they are acting naturally is hard to do if they know they have a camera pointed at them, so I guess you do have do bend the rules a little and hope that nobody notices too much, like when you shot your film “Mask” which I loved.
        I’ve found that in tourist areas it is of course easier to shoot people because everyone’s got a camera, so nobody really cares. I’m guessing that you are probably slightly more conspicuous with a film camera however, so it naturally becomes more difficult to ‘blend in’.
        I know in public parks over here in the UK you are not allowed to take photos at all, and you can be fined heavily if caught. However, with a good camera you can be very quick! πŸ™‚

        Thank you for the support my friend…

      7. Good point! They don’t act natural when they see the camera. You must be pretty good at blending in and pretending like nothing is going on. I guess, first rule of thumb would be, don’t stand around looking tense (a la Mask – and thank-you).

        I can’t wait though. I see people all the time and think, ugh this one would photograph so amazingly. Maybe I will go for a trip around the city with a photographer friend so I can warm up by watching.

        In the PUBLIC parks there, you can get fined? Wow. So what if someone is a visitor? Oh they must have signs everywhere about not taking photos. Is that because the city is generating revenue from commercial shots of the park?

        I love the idea of shooting in a tourist area, I suppose that would be Times Square or the Village here. Even Wall Street.

        So do you have a while portfolio of photographs so far, or are you spreading your excitement out over time? πŸ™‚

      8. I think the issue with photographing in parks over here is more to do with the fact that they are meant to be places where people can go and relax, so it is seen as an invasion of privacy. However, the bigger parks like Hyde Park is huge, so I doubt the rules would be enforced as strongly because it would be hard to police. Certainly when I was there before Christmas I took lots of shots of the park.
        Well, I plan to come to New York at some point in the not too distant future, so maybe we could meet up and we’ll do some street photography? πŸ™‚
        I would imagine my visits to the US will become more frequent from now on.

        I hadn’t really considered amassing a portfolio, but maybe I should. I shall keep on with the photography for as long as I can I think, now that I’m gaining my confidence, and I have a man now who is an awesome photographer. It’s nice to be able to share something I love to do with someone finally πŸ™‚

      9. Ahhh, okay. I see. Hmmm. Yeah sure, there have to be places in public where you can just go and relax. Every single thing can’t be up for grabs.

        Hyde Park. Hmmm.

        My hope is to visit Europe one day too. I was hoping to scout DJs for the next film, if I get everything together properly. However, all of that may happen digitally too.

        But one day… *envisions.*

        I live in the ‘every-inch-is-up-for-grabs’ city, which gets psychologically exhausting at times. Travel is great for renewal.

        Anyway, yeah!!! You and your new man can develop together in your craft!!! I think having a partner to explore your craft with would be so great. For me, I guess that would be a cinematographer, editor, or actor. *Envisions.*

        That would be exciting. Enjoy it dear.

        Hoping he brings you to the US more often, for sure. We could practice in the DC area or NY. I visit that area every month and a half or so. Plus it would be great to meet my blog buddy in person. That’s always cool.

        Gonna add a camera to the list of things I have to figure out though… xo

      10. Well, we’ll have to arrange to meet the next time I’m over, which I would imagine will be soon enough. I’ll e-mail you when I have dates. It would be great to meet you finally! πŸ™‚
        Have a great day T!
        Love and hugs

      11. Yes, I agree. It would be great to meet my friend in physical form. πŸ™‚ So yes, let me know dates and wheres!! I had a weird day, time to repair…

        Hope yours was better than mine! Smh.

        Love and Hugs,

      12. I’m sorry you had a weird day, some days are just like that I guess, I’ve had a few of them myself lately. But these things pass, thankfully.

        Take care for now, hope today is better! πŸ™‚

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