Quote for Today – Jan 22 2014

To claim that life is random and subject to chance is an admission of ignorance, not a statement of fact. It implies that there is much that is still unknown with regard to life, and our perception of reality and existence. It does not imply however, that synchronicity does not exist. Furthermore, it is a personal subjective view and not one that applies to all. A willingness to learn and grow is a willingness to explore the unknown.

Joseph 20:20:20


7 thoughts on “Quote for Today – Jan 22 2014

    1. The LOB never fails to raise a smile upon my lips! Thanks for the Ark, and too true. That’s why I like regurgitating such quotes, I usually have Python running in the background of my thoughts at such times (I guess I must be nuts too)!
      That few get the satire in my writing is beyond me.

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