M’s Marvellous Musical Moments – ‘Turquoise’

Yes it’s another marvellous musical moment care of yours truly. This time one of my own songs that I decided to rewrite yesterday, mostly because I couldn’t remember how to play the original, as it’s been so long. Either way, I was pleased enough with the result. This song is called Turquoise, even though it really has nothing to do with the song at all. All my working titles for songs have always been the first thing that springs to mind, and as my good friend and fellow band member Andy will testify to, some of those titles can get a little ridiculous such as ‘White Door White Wardrobe’ (you can sort of work out what we were looking at when we came up with that one!), but you never forget a song that way.

Anyway, without much further ado here is my new version of Turquoise, replete with ambient background noise, rather like being in a French café possibly… or not! I kinda like the ambience… 🙂



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