Weekly Photo Challenge – Perspective #2

Like a true Londoner, I believe in the rule of multiples: wait long enough and you’ll get double or triple sometimes, especially in the case of buses! But we aren’t dealing with buses today, in fact not a single one in sight… typical really. Just for your delectation, I am posting two photo challenge entries this week, well, because I felt like it, and also because several other shots from my ever growing library sprung to mind. Kicking myself for not posting them first, I’ve decided to not kick myself anymore and post them second.

This was taken last year during my second trip to Venice. It was International Art Month so there were many weird and wonderful installations all over the city in varying degrees of scale, many of them designed to play with perspective and create optical illusions, such as the beautiful sculpture below, which on the approach looked like a giant bust of a woman… not that kind people! (Although… see below…)


…that is until you got up close and realised that the whole piece was almost as flat as a pancake! A metal blade with a face on it! Wonderful piece.

Sculpture, Venice

Then, as if that weren’t enough there was the armless, big bottomed inflatable over on the Islet of San Georgio, which was dauntingly and quite impressively large when you got up close to it.


You only get a sense of the true scale from a more aerial perspective as taken from St.Marc’s tower. You can see it to the right of the image which I have cropped and zoomed…

View of San Georgio, Venice

Just around the corner from the dirigible was a whole series of magnificent bronze shell sculptures, equally impressive in size and polish! The miniature security guard next to the shell happened to walk into the shot as I was snapping. Pure serendipity as some would say. If only he’d stuck his left arm out.  🙂

St.Georgio, Venice


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    1. Why thank you Mr.J Chuck! Your patronage is much appreciated around these parts, and such a compliment coming from someone of such quality blogging prowess as that which you yourself have, is a thing of warm fuzzy feelings in… well it just is. Ta very muchly!

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