Weekly Photo Challenge – Perspective


Lemons or melons? It’s all a matter of perspective methinks. I was surreptitiously shooting the produce in the supermarket yesterday, not that sporting my rather nice camera around my neck was an inconspicuous thing to do. I did get the odd shifty look from a couple of the staff as I pretended to mind my own business and not experiment with the colour on monochrome filters. It was fun though, and elicited a remark from my all too observant daughter that perhaps getting in to trouble was actually quite fun… uh… I soon quashed that notion! No, I did, honestly… lest I set a bad example or something…

Did I tell you I especially like the yellow filter? No? Well I do, and it works well don’t you think, especially with these fine specimens? Here’s the full image, just to complete the challenge brief. Feeling a little meloncholy? Not to worry, these will cheer you up!

Honeydew Melons

I have been quite absent in many respects in recent times with regard to the weekly photo challenge. Although I have been snapping away at many things since my last entry (lord even knows when that was), I haven’t really been participating in the trials and tribulations of blogland, too many of my own truth be told 🙂


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Perspective

  1. Very cool …. First I thought that the melons has been dropped by accident in concrete or something . Very cool entry. Fantastic header photo … love what you done with the mirrow.

    1. Thank you Viveka! Yes my header photo is one of my favourites of my recent trip to London, it was one of those special moments captured on camera that I didn’t know I’d taken until I came across it the other day.

  2. Awww, come on … someone had to say it (I guessed it would be me) … I love it! And I too am shy of being seen surreptitiously snapping, although I did get quite a few of the covers of the books in ‘Books ‘n’ More’ the other day; all grist to the mill. Gotta keep au fait with what’s current.

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