Littlehampton Beach

On my hunt for daffodils the other day I of course took the opportunity to photograph a few of Littlehampton’s other delights, of which you may think there are few if like me you are a local. However, it is a paradise for any photographer, and who could resist a little digital tweakery-pokery just for art’s sake? After all I am an artist too. It’s funny how I’m always such a purist when it comes to photography, I guess it’s an overthrow from the days of celluloid and being very careful to compose your shots well and not waste them.
That being said, the clever filters and settings on my Fuji X100S allow for a fair amount of artistic licence, that coupled with a few tweaks here and there on iPhoto and wonders can be achieved. These are a few of the shots I took that sunny morn.


11 thoughts on “Littlehampton Beach

    1. Thanks Joe! I can’t get enough of the colour on monochrome filters, they are great fun to play with, especially on a day when you have high light contrasts.
      You have a great day too 🙂

  1. Beautiful gallery …. even if you didn’t find any daffodils, you found some yellow beach huts.
    Love everything yellow on earth … even yellow regional buses as we have … it makes me so happy and daffodils, is my favorite spring flower together with our wood anemone. On Ireland they grow wild and the same in Wales, UK.

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