Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside #2

Inside Washington, the Insides of Washington, Through the DC Keyhole…? I couldn’t quite decide how I wanted to present this present exploit of my amateurish photographic talent [grin] for my second entry to this week’s photo challenge. ‘Exploring Inside’ just sounds a mite pretentious. So anyway…

You lovely lot here in the virtual land of Blog only really get to glimpse my collection of snaps, and recently I have been snapping away with the fervour of a flamenco dancer on a churros and chocolate sugar rush!

I am then, going to share with you a small selection of shots taken on the ‘Inside’ of Washington DC from recent visits. Each one has a little story to tell, but I’d hoped to make this a quickie… suffice to say that each of the interiors snapped is a fine piece of architecture, and quite interesting. The Air and Space Museum in particular I would like to return to and shoot, my camera battery died after my one and only shot of some real bonafide space rockets, well the first I’ve ever seen!


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