Love is a drug

Peonies, Generalife Palace, Granada


Beauty is not love;

Sanity is not happiness;

Separation in not justice;

Pain is not healing.

Letting go is healing.

Moving on is healing,

Unless you are just not done,

And your heart yearns to burn

With the addiction of love,

Once so familiar and raw.

It is not her you want,

It’s just the fix you desire.

Poison masquerading as beauty;

Cold turkeys speak wise words.



3 thoughts on “Love is a drug

  1. I like your new look here, it’s a while since I visit. Love the image for this post – I can feel the smell of the rain through looking at it. Stunning image.
    I’m not a poetry girl, but I’m learning. I can relate to this one, so true. Love such a difficult thing- isn’t it and I think at times we are addicted to being in love and the package it comes in. Love this little post.

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