The Daily Channel – Talking to Sidiris – Soul Connections


“Ideas exist as an electromagnetic reality, with an energy signature that of it’s nature attracts and repels other energy signatures that may or may not conform to its own resonant frequency. Ideas therefore attract others in a constant interplay of energy signatures that only serve as guidelines for the creation of new and divergent patterns that permeate that which you call the physically real. Thoughts are manifestations of intent. Intent stems from a creative desire to imply resonance within quantifiable parameters. However, the parameters are not fixed, and the form taken does not conform to one energy gestalt, or pattern alone. One form, such as the one you currently believe you occupy is not an isolated energy signature, but spans many signatures each of which is influenced by the other at all times, in a constant flow, or pulsing of electrical signals. Your heart does not beat for your body alone, but does so in rhythm to all convergent energy signatures that you may consider as being within your field of perceivable experience. Your conception of individuality, and singularity of form is thus erroneous, because there simply is no separation between the space you apparently occupy physically and the space you imagine you occupy psychologically. Thought patterns emerge to create patterns of intent that through degrees of intensity appear as more solid in your terms than others. You will only respond to the patterns that best fit the nature of the conscious intent that you are a part.”



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