Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside #2

Inside Washington, the Insides of Washington, Through the DC Keyhole…? I couldn’t quite decide how I wanted to present this present exploit of my amateurish photographic talent [grin] for my second entry to this week’s photo challenge. ‘Exploring Inside’ just … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside #2

Weekly Photo Challenge – Perspective

Lemons or melons? It’s all a matter of perspective methinks. I was surreptitiously shooting the produce in the supermarket yesterday, not that sporting my rather nice camera around my neck was an inconspicuous thing to do. I did get the … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Perspective

M’s Marvellous Musical Moments – ‘Turquoise’

Yes it’s another marvellous musical moment care of yours truly. This time one of my own songs that I decided to rewrite yesterday, mostly because I couldn’t remember how to play the original, as it’s been so long. Either way, … Continue reading M’s Marvellous Musical Moments – ‘Turquoise’

M’s Musical Moments – ‘Get Here’ (Oleta Adams version)

I’ve been singing again, and I plan to do it a bit more often than I have been in recent years. I used to be semi-pro and do the pub and club circuits. I have performed on many a stage since my early teens, but I haven’t sung in a long while, so this is me sounding a little rusty. Hopefully it won’t make your ears bleed too much 😉 I love this song, originally sung by Oleta Adams. So I thought I’d relearn it and do a little recording so you lot can hear what I’ve been up to. … Continue reading M’s Musical Moments – ‘Get Here’ (Oleta Adams version)