The Daily Channel – Metaphysical Insight

I’m attempting to do something a little different here as part of my Daily Channel series where I usually just present channelled information directly from source. But as per Jane Roberts with whom I share a very interesting affinity (I’ll … Continue reading The Daily Channel – Metaphysical Insight

Dear God – MPoWriMo

Originally posted on Diary of a Person Being Human:
? Dear God; dear Universe; dear Paradoxical Exigence of the Mind, I awake to the quarantine of the rain, spraying me like an infected bloom; my inner voice trying to cleanse me of the consternation that has clouded my internal skies for some time now; sparking storms and raging waves that crash against your distant shores. I awake with eyes wide open, with sudden appreciation for the shape of my fear; the well-trodden hopes of an effigy clothed in resonant but disdainful robes, walking in shoes it has no business to… Continue reading Dear God – MPoWriMo

Heaven and Earth

Originally posted on Diary of a Person Being Human:
Heaven and earth, Keep me well, For I have not long to spare. ‘Tis fleeting my appearance here, As I cross the wooded bridge. Splinters catch my feet; Caught in ivy binds, And for a moment I am smiling broad, As I savour earth’s embrace. But heaven calls From beyond the seas, Within the clouds, And olivine painted trees, With resonant stress Upon my name, Weighing heavy as the sun; And I urge my legs To wander on, Giving thanks to all I pass. ? Continue reading Heaven and Earth

Jethro Tull – Man these guys were talented!

This is a killer performance by legendary Prog Rock band Jethro Tull. Absolutely genius musicians and performers the lot of them, and tight as a gnat’s chuff as they say around here. Clive Bunker’sĀ drum solo on Dharma For One is to my mind the best drum solo ever. The man doesn’t miss a beat, literally, for almost ten minutes. I loved the fact that the other members of the band disappeared while Clive bashed away to have a cuppa and smoke (probably), and return just in gobsmacking time to finish the song. I sat watching this on T.V. a while … Continue reading Jethro Tull – Man these guys were talented!