This is not a typo – MPoWriMo

Diary of a Person Being Human

My name is a gift

Not an arbitrary adjunct to

A supposition made by

Foreign tongues.

Tongues that speak with lyricism and cool;

Tongues that fork and drool

Venomous charm.

If my name is a gift,

Then we are indeed equal,

For in German a gift

Is just as bad.

Look it up,

You’ll be glad you had.

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2 thoughts on “This is not a typo – MPoWriMo

    1. I agree that passion and pain do share a certain intensity, the only difference is the emotional attachment you give the sensation I suppose. As a dragon tamer I match my opponents well, it comes with the territory, although I will always strive for the most positive outcome. Then passion and pain really do become inseparable.

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