At Dusk…

My ‘altered-ego’ (thanks for that Ark) photo-blogging self 😉

Roving Bess


San Marco, Venice


Venice harbour


Street Lamp




La Porta di Venezia



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4 thoughts on “At Dusk…

  1. LOL..I see Roving Bess and I think.. er…what’s up , Doc?

    I think you should stick to one persona.
    There’s enough multiple personality blogs and I’m screwed up enough for three people…at least!

    Anyway, these are lovely photographs….whoever you are. 😉

    1. Adaptability is the key here Ark. I know you like your Tangos, but forward movement is inevitable. So it is with changing blog faces and personas. This was going to be an independent blog, not linked to my others, but as Bill and I have discontinued our joint photo blog I thought I’d still keep everyone updated and entertained with my snaps, but from the comfort of a new home. I’m glad you still like my pics, and as always I enjoy your visits. Bess by the way is what Bill calls me. 🙂

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