Fallen Heroes (WPC – Monument)

A rather late entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge of last Friday, but hey, who’s counting right? Just wanted to share my experience and my shots. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Happy Easter Everyone!

Roving Bess


Blue Flower


Can of soup


Vietnam memorial wall, Washington DC

A blue silk flower and a can of soup left at the foot of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington DC just a few days ago, in commemoration of one of the many soldiers who fell or went MIA during the Vietnam War. I thought it a touching gesture that all gifts are collected at the end of the day and placed within the adjacent museum with a little card to say who they were for. It is daunting to see how many names are chiselled into the hard shimmering black granite. An impressive and very moving piece, with relatives and veteran comrades of the fallen having come from afar via the coach load reflected along its length, staying long enough to pay their respects and to exchange personal stories.
I took many shots of the wall, but the above mini-series I found particularly poignant.

Vietnam Memorial Wall, Washington DC

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4 thoughts on “Fallen Heroes (WPC – Monument)

  1. Nice captures. I was 4 when my dad came home–the next ten years were rough. Hell, the next 45 years were rough. I’m glad he’s not on that wall, but it still gets me, after all these years and uncounted visits. The nearby statue of the 3 nurses with the fallen soldier really broke me up the first time I saw it.

    1. Thank you. I can certainly relate to your experiences, though different wars. It’s an incredibly tough thing to deal with that’s for sure. But it’s also good not to forget, and to talk about it, and post the odd picture as my good blog pal Argus says. I saw and photographed the statue you refer to. Very moving indeed.

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