Jethro Tull – Man these guys were talented!

This is a killer performance by legendary Prog Rock band Jethro Tull. Absolutely genius musicians and performers the lot of them, and tight as a gnat’s chuff as they say around here. Clive Bunker’s drum solo on Dharma For One is to my mind the best drum solo ever. The man doesn’t miss a beat, literally, for almost ten minutes. I loved the fact that the other members of the band disappeared while Clive bashed away to have a cuppa and smoke (probably), and return just in gobsmacking time to finish the song. I sat watching this on T.V. a while back in absolute mouth gaping awe. Incredible stuff. Enjoy!


11 thoughts on “Jethro Tull – Man these guys were talented!

    1. I was giggling like a fool by the end of the solo, having of course watched the whole concert by that point on some documentary about the Tull. Although I was exposed to their music from an early enough age, it’s taken some time to really learn to appreciate such genius. But what a privilege I agree.

      1. Wikipedia has a theory: “Animal’s bushy eyebrows and hair, his outrageous behavior, and his wild drumming style are the most common reasons people think The Who drummer Keith Moon was the inspiration for Animal’s character.[3][4] However, the original sketches for Animal contain no evidence to suggest Animal was based on Moon. In fact, many of Animal’s physical attributes were supposedly based on Grammy Award-winning drummer Steve Mitchell, a friend of Jim Henson’s”

  1. Thanks. Now I’m going to be humming that “happy..something smiling, walk something miles to drink your water” or whatever the hell he’s saying. Damn Tull. Damn love/hate Tull thing. Living in the past–hah. Thanks a lot!

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