The Ardent Street Photographer

Roving Bess

The streets of Washington DC

I get a little connipted as a good friend of mine puts it when I hear other photographers talk about street photography like it’s an aside to ‘real’ photography. It’s a subject that has come up in conversation recently between my man and I, and one that we both feel passionately about, not least because we both essentially define ourselves as street photographers.

The term ‘street photography’ is one of those areas that seems to be the most difficult to define as an art form , as it’s a very broad umbrella. One chap explains it as being about capturing everyday life and people, though it’s not necessarily restricted to life on the street. Of it’s very nature it’s spontaneous, but it’s no less measured than a shot that has been carefully staged. A sharp mind, a quick trigger finger and a good processor in your camera is what’s required to…

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