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I’m attempting to do something a little different here as part of my Daily Channel series where I usually just present channelled information directly from source. But as per Jane Roberts with whom I share a very interesting affinity (I’ll write about it some day possibly), I have realised that talking about my own process with regard to understanding the workings of human perception and states of consciousness, might be of interest to some here. I realise that for personal reasons I need to keep this creative door open for myself, with the aim being that I keep a ‘metaphysics’ journal that I may as well share here, for the potential inspiration it might offer others given what I have learned through writing the particular piece below. ‘Sidiris’ as some may be aware is the name I give to a group of non-corporeal entities that I have been channelling for some months now, of which the Seth/Jane Roberts consciousness is a part. 


I keep thinking of the black leather bound book that Sidiris gave me recently. It almost looks like a bible, but for one it’s too thin, and two it feels more like a scientific document, despite the two column layout.

“The parameters are different for different extensions of the soul.“
What is the soul? I know Seth has spoken about it frequently, and I refer to it in my writing as being a concept of the non-egocentrically focussed self. I also understand that it is therefore an arbitrary concept (thinking at the moment of a Turkish Bazaar and apple flavoured tobacco. I have a sense of being there). “Extensions of the soul”, ok, the Turkish Bazaar was an illustration of the way in which the ‘soul’ extends itself into other dimensions of being. Almost like solar flares extending into the space around it, or in this case across dimensions, but with force fuelled by creative intent. A burst of aggression in the way that Seth explains natural aggression. It isn’t violent, but highly constructive and creative. Like a burst of adrenaline let’s say.

I’m seeking to push beyond the very negative mindset that I seem to have adopted recently. I have got out of the habit of writing as much as I had been last year, in particular the big metaphysical stuff. So I’ve lost focus somewhat, and my field of thinking has narrowed once again, stifling my creative expression. It’s important, that much I can see and understand. Allowing your being to expand and contract under the auspicious awareness of the ego-consciousness is important. The waking physical self needs to be aware of its greater personhood in order for it to be able to push beyond the comfortable limitations it adopts. It’s like taking the lid off of a plastic food storage container, a little tricky because they tend to be quite snug, so you have to almost peel it off, allowing the plastic to bend; with that characteristic sound as the lid releases and the resonance in the tub changes from a low to a higher pitch, and then that snap at the end as the lip of the lid catches and releases completely. The thin plastic lid then is how I imagine the conscious waking mind, or the part that is ego-centrically focussed. It’s translucent enough that you can just make out what lies behind, or beneath it, in terms of tones and shapes perhaps. But it’s only when you remove the lid do you realise that the container you imagined beneath the it was an illusion, an assumption you made based upon your perception of the lid. Lid must equal container, and thus neatly packaged information beneath.
However, the lid is just a metaphor for the type of focus that is required at the level of the physically awake consciousness, which in its intensity denotes a limited the field of perception.
The resistance I feel at pulling the plastic lid off then, is merely the shift from ego-focus to a hugely more expansive mindset that is more lucid in its perceptive faculties. The result being that any limitations in thinking, no longer have any relevance, with the ego-focus becoming a conduit, or funnel for any ‘inspirational’ information, or signals that filter in from the level of expanded awareness.

It is the shift incidentally that has to occur for me to be able to ‘channel’, the transition often being aided by music. But when dealing with particularly tricky, or big subjects, for me at least absolute silence is necessary as my physical being squirms in order to adopt the new shape of my thinking. It can be physically taxing and exhausting in order to channel or funnel such creativity; and the physical awareness, the body has to be distracted or occupied accordingly. Which in my case is resolved by my physical body and awareness being charged with the task of typing or writing what my ‘soul’ consciousness is giving me. It becomes the PA to my greater consciousness. It’s an arrangement that ensures the least resistance possible, even though distortion in information will always occur, just because of the nature and the purpose of the delivery.

There is a certain dynamism that is involved in sharing any information, but particularly I have found, information that comes from a more lucid, expansive state of awareness. Let’s say, from the imagination, or intuition, or whatever place you deem that inspiration comes from. It has an energy, or force of its own that cannot help but affect those who participate in it, in this case the people reading, or in my case me as the person who is transcribing the information. From my ego-focus, I can say categorically that it does not come from me, but rather flows through me. And I go back to the analogy of the solar-flare, imagining it as a burst of kinetic energy that has a massive impact on everything in its wake. Even thought the effect will be registered in numerous ways, and not always immediately. Subconscious information tends to work and evolve within the subconscious, with expressions of it appearing as abstract concepts within the parameters of the physically awake and aware ego-consciousness.

“The soul extends beyond the reaches of the conscious mind. You find this a troublesome concept because at your level of awareness, that of the physically conscious entity, you seek to create definition and through that definition understand your experience that in other terms we would term as being highly constricted. In order to perceive your reality in the way that you do, you must necessarily omit much, thus only ever having “half the picture” as you say affectionately. However, the “full picture” is always available, and as our dearest friend has been explaining rather well, it is a matter of “loosening” your mind to allow that information to be readily accessible. Now, much of that information is there for you experience when you are in more lucid states of consciousness, and particularly when you are dreaming, allowing the imagination to wander at its leisure so to speak. Your dreams then, are composite images that of their very nature, when remembered often resemble or mirror your physical experience and also work under the same premises in that there is much information that is omitted from view, or at the very least from your waking memory of it. However, within your dreaming realities you are not focussed so narrowly within the corporeal form with which you ordinarily identify, despite your perception of often taking a corporeal form in such states of awareness. These forms that you adopt are indeed as ‘real’ as the one you seemingly adopt now, but you have greater movement so to speak, and thus greater creative expression across broader spectrums of reality and awareness.
The book for our author represents a transitional awareness between fields of perception, or states of consciousness in your terms, and its opening is much like the removal of the lid that our girl explains. This information then performs much the same function in that as readers it is providing an opening in your own consciousness, allowing your awareness to expand in a way that is not too threatening to your ordinary, and individualistic point of focus. You are able to dismiss this as whimsy if that is your preference, but even in that there is great benefit to your development as a fully aware being. The message we give you comes from you, despite the method with which it arrives at your door.
We look forward to participating in this endeavour, with all of you.”

And on that note, thanks to Sidiris and for all of you who have managed to get this far ☺

I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, or if you’d like to ask Sidiris directly then I’ll be happy to oblige as mediator.



5 thoughts on “The Daily Channel – Metaphysical Insight

  1. I am reminded of the Robert Frost poem ‘The Road Not Taken” as the lid and ‘taking the one (road) less traveled by has made all the difference’ feels like peeling the lid.
    Thank You for your sharing.

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