Quote for Today: Sunday 27 April – Seth on Art

Alabaster Statue, Smithsonian Portrait Museum, Washington DC


Art is meant to be a bridge from one world to another; from an unseen world to a seen one, from an unheard world to a heard one. Some work and understanding is needed as far as the viewer is concerned, or the reader, or the hearer. But the artist must understand that he is the bridge, a translation. You translate your inner lives outward. You speak for people who cannot speak. You show them the pictures that are yours individually but are an echo of the pictures in their own minds. You must believe in your own abilities, and that those abilities spontaneously and joyfully followed will bring a spark of recognition to others and will, in your terms, bring fulfilment in whatever way you wish: financial fulfilment, fame, or whatever you want. But watch out for your reasons for wanting fame! What do you need to justify by wanting fame? And what are your ideas of age if fame must come at a certain time to justify your being or your art?…

…if you go with your being, spontaneously, you will find fulfilment in all of your ways. You may have to give up some cherished beliefs along the way, but you will be glad to see them vanish! Sometimes you want the new results while holding back a few old beliefs, hopefully thinking, “Perhaps I can have it this way and keep these too.” And those are the one you will have to let go. It must be a new way, and a new reorganisation, and you are in the process of achieving it.


Conversations With Seth: Book Two, Susan M Watkins, 2006, Moment Point Press, p.219


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