Seth Quote – Perceptions of Reality

You make your own reality; or you do not. And if you do not, then yo are everywhere a victim, and the universe must be an accidental mechanism appearing with no reason. So that the miraculous picture you have seen of your body came accidentally into creation, and out of some cosmic accident attained its miraculous complexity. And that body was formed so beautifully for no reason except to be a victim.

That is the only other alternative to forming your own reality. You cannot have a universe in between. You have a universe formed with a reason, or a universe formed without a reason. And in a universe of reason, there are no victims. Everything has a reason, or nothing has a reason.

Choose your side!


(Conversations With Seth: Book 2, Susan M Watkins, Moment Point Press, 2006, p.233)


5 thoughts on “Seth Quote – Perceptions of Reality

      1. Actually, do that. A friend of mine here is a spiritualist (they’re huge in Brazil) and they love this kind of stuff. How on earth they call themselves Christians i don’t know (they believe Jesus was Buddha reincarnate) but I’m almost certain he’s never heard of Seth. Be interesting to hear his reaction.

      2. It’s an interesting piece actually. I personally remain ambivalent. I didn’t post it only because it was a bit too long for my brain and my fingers to cope with at this late hour. Maybe tomorrow 🙂

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